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2017 Resolutions (Or Shall We Say.....Ideas For Change, But By No Means "Firm")

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  • #16 appears resolutions stop by the 5th of January, maybe sooner!!!

    Well, I have a few:

    1) To go "natural", and just let the snow fill our driveway and not shovel it. (haven't discussed with my wife yet)
    2) To NOT take samples from the super market if they have big signs saying not to do so. (ha dear old Dad used to check out the quality of certain foods while shopping. I think that was an Old Country approach to shopping.)
    3) To stop studying the new and trendy sports wear, of those ladies at the gym. Hey, all I am doing is researching the styles that my wife and daughters might want to be aware of!!! It's a tough job, but anything I can do to help my family.....
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