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  • Biggest Regrets?

    I regret that I never did the following:

    Learn to fight (Due to my disability)
    Learn to dance "
    Visit Las Vegas

    Find this website earlier
    Meet any of my fellow posters

    My biggest regret is that I never made an impact on this world. I never wrote a book or had a building named after me or anything that will survive the test of time
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    "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin

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    I regret ever taking life too seriously since in can be quite miserable when I do....
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      I regret failing on my Whitney hikes. I promised my dog (before she died) that I would get her to the summit of Mt. Whitney. That promise will not be broken.
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        I regret not asking the girl of my dreams out before she graduated.

        Not only that, but it was harder because she was one class older than me.

        I found some tips on Google to help me out though.