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The "Breaking News" Epidemic

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    Breaking news from London.
    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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      Originally posted by Jaws View Post
      I don't much like the breaking news from London right now
      Our thoughts and sympathies.


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        My condolences, Jaws.


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          Normally confident, composed politicians are looking drained and shook up today.


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            To my point, "breaking news" has been overused, sensationalized, and often aimed at getting viewership....rather than be responsible news reporting. It can sometimes take the impact out of the really important stories, as folks gradually become immune to the relative importance of the many, many stories that nowhere match the one we unfortunately witnessed today. My point is this....breaking news, highlighted by red alerts on our screens, should be relegated to important stories, not just ordinary stories.


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              *****BREAKING NEWS*****

              Not much going on.....


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                I dont pay attention to the news as news isnt the news anymore...just seems like marketing to me.

                I felt like that first sentence was the meow game from supertroopers, only the word was news
                Glen Haven Fire


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                  I was going to start up a thread, but remembered there was this one to bump.

                  I just can't get over the amount of BREAKING NEWS on some media. I mean, the impact value is almost nothing anymore, when you have to show "Breaking News" all day long. Yes I get it, it sometimes sells, and it sometimes deserves the description, as in, this is big! But based on years of such stuff, just like crying wolf, it has lost its significance....other than in some places, where it is used infrequently. For example, one of my iPhone apps gives me BREAKING NEWS in sports, and most of the time, it is quite significant!

                  Anyway....hit me again, the overuse of a once meaningful term. And though it may be defined as any news that breaks, it's the capital letters and framing that add to the drama.

                  I am sure you folks would love it if every time I posted a thread the site would put out a breaking news pronouncement. BREAKING NEWS FROM CAN!!!

                  Actually, that might work for in, keep going.