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    I got Brad soon after the announcement??!! J/K

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    I got Julia Roberts.

    Warning: Upon playing with it a moment I managed to get Roseanne. Watch it with this thing. It's dangerous.


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      Beyonce is mine!!!!!!

      I did the test twice and came up with Beyonce both times. I knew all along that we were meant to be together.
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        Initially I got Julia Roberts...not sure how she snuck into the "voluptuous" category. Trying it again I got thats more like it!


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          how in the heck did I get Ellen?


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            i got pierce brosnan....
            second time i got ben affleck


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              rosanne. damn it. GOD SAVE ME
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                Ben Affleck - I will continue to take it until i get Mel


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                  I think they only have one person per hair color for the men - if I pick grey - not matter how i answer the other questions i get george clooney while I think he is good looking i also think he is gay


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                    Originally posted by orangenblue420
                    while I think he is good looking i also think he is gay
                    i was starting to think i was the only one who thought that..


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                      If anything, Ben Affleck is gay, not Clooney.

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                        Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN
                        If anything, Ben Affleck is gay, not Clooney.

                        Well at least you hear about Ben dating women - i never hear anything about clooney

                        But compared to Mel they are both gay


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                          First, I got Beyonce

                          Second, I got Beyonce

                          Upon playing around I got Roseanne, Lord Help Me. SAVE ME!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I"M BEING SMOTHERED.


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                            Originally posted by horsesense
                            how in the heck did I get Ellen?
                            DeGenerse??? Is she still a celeb??? I got Beonce

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                              Who is Rachel Stevens? Never heard of her, but that is who I got.
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