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Best Wishes To Those In Houston And Affected Parts Of Texas

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  • Best Wishes To Those In Houston And Affected Parts Of Texas

    There is little you can do when hit with 15 inches of rain in 6 hours (as is reported), and who knows how much will fall in total. Sad to hear of the loss of life due this intense storm, as well as all the pain, from many perspectives.

    Stay safe and hoping for the best!

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    As well as any other states that may be affected......sorry if I have not been thorough in my original post.


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      Hoping for the best for those folks impacted by this terrible storm. I read something like 50 inches of rain forecast for some parts of Texas before it's all over. 50 inches of rain in a matter of days! That is a terrifying volume of water.

      Please be safe out there.
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        Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved.

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          Be safe! Seen some of those images of Houston ... feel for the people going through the disaster along the gulf coast. As long as you stay safe through the storm, you can overcome what's lost once it's past....
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            I honestly can not imagine the rain that seems to keep coming down, but it looks like, by Wednesday, the worst is well past. Just one more day to get through. And no doubt, so much work to do afterward. But the good vibes are being heard, how money is being people are stepping up to make a difference. Lets hope and pray that the weather forecast is a little too negative, and that the rain subsides earlier tomorrow than expected.

            Stay safe and stay folks are definitely tough!!!