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Stay Safe Florida...Best Wishes To All Who Have Or Will Experience Hurricane Irma

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  • Stay Safe Florida...Best Wishes To All Who Have Or Will Experience Hurricane Irma

    This is a little late for those folks who had to deal with Irma when it was a Level 5, even a 4. But to all to have been in its path, even as it weakens some, bless you and stay safe. I have difficulty handling 60 mph wind, even as gusts, whereas this beast was gusting well over 200 MPH, with lengthy periods of just under 200! That is insanity!

    But listen up (to those in control), be cool, and stay safe. It is not over yet, but with some luck, the damage will lessen as the hurricane goes.

    As for those brave folks who cover the event, you are a strong folks. And so far the information and education has been amazing! Good on you!:thumb:

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    My best wishes and thoughts are with everyone affected too.


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      Thoughts and prayers to all.

      My daughter has a couple of friends who have family in the Virgin Islands. For several days, they had no idea what was going. One of them finally saw some cousins posting on Facebook (social media can be a good thing ). The parents of the other one borrowed a phone and made some calls. They all appear to be safe.

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        Thoughts and prayers ... you can send up some of that wet stuff... while you flood we burn up here...

        Bad weather year for North America.


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          Hoping for the very best for everyone.

          What a terrible storm.
          To infinity...and beyond.