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Dealing with a boss who micro manages

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    Gift her a book...

    Military book... talks about how to be an effective leader. Chapter 8, I believe, discusses Decentralized Command and how important it is to designate tasks and trust in your subordinate leadership.
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      Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
      We actually did try to come as a group and bring it up higher, unfortunately she caught wind of it and sat in on the meeting and just deflected blame so everyone just ended getting yelled at with nothing productive coming of it. A few of those people have transferred since then and the current collective is still too new to her to start getting as bothered by it.

      Today started off bad but after I made a couple of short/old jokes and cutting her off in the middle of her asinine statements she started leaving me alone. Although she did reply to an email I sent saying I should call them like I didn’t already try that.
      awe, no that's wrong... you should be able to speak freely about her behind her back. it's amazing how much some managers get away with, i know the military is way different than civilian jobs, but i think with my experience they were probably worried about a lawsuit or something - the way things changed in an instant.

      Although she did reply to an email I sent saying I should call them like I didn’t already try that
      yeah, it's funny how they think common sense solutions are above their employees heads...
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        Inspection is over, got a 100 and a 99 in my 2 sections, significantly higher than my counterparts, they probably would’ve finished lower had I not stepped in the last week. Not only did I score highly but I got some recognition from the inspectors for being a subject matter expert.

        Surely that would give me some leeway right? Not at all, it’s rapidly getting worse. Not only is the person directly (although technically not really) above me getting worse but now the head of the department is getting in on it which is worse because that person has more say and even less knowledge than the other person. Meanwhile there’s 3 people in between that absolutely love me and my work.

        The thing that irks me the most is that these people in theory have no control over me. I don’t work for them, I’m not on their roster, I’m not in that department at all any more. But because we have the same job I can’t just ignore them although I’m pretty sure I won’t get in trouble if I do so I might just try that. If I don’t I know I’m going to snap and let it all out


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          Ugh i feel for you beast. I couldnt handle the military version of politics so i did my time and got out.

          If it was a civie job id dress as a creepy clown on casual friday...
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            Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
            Oh good lord I hope not. She literally looks older than my grandma who is in her 80s

            And I think she swings for the other team.

            Edit: and now that I think about I have developed a close friendship with a female that she took a liking to when she just checked in. Both of us seem to be singled out more than others. Hmmm
            Dude you'll prolly only get one chance, go for it!
            GO BRONCO'S !!!!! :lombardi::lombardi::lombardi: