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Farewell Anthony Bourdain

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  • Farewell Anthony Bourdain

    I loved watching Anthony Bourdain's show, "Parts Unknown". He had a unique, comfortable style, turning cooking into an International storyline....with tales to tell everywhere he went. He was straightforward, fun, cool, easy to listen to.

    But he had his demons, and tragically, it appears he succumbed to them.

    It's a story for us all to consider.....because just lately I was thinking how cool his life was. How seemingly in control he had things. How he was doing what many of us would dream of doing....travelling the world, tasting foods from all places, and telling us about the culture and personality of each place he visited.

    One never knows. That is why we need to live our lives, the best we can, and not assume others have all the answers.

    I am particularly saddened because he leaves a long time girlfriend and a young who had added so much joy to his life.

    Rest peacefully.

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    Just wanted to mention how important it is to discuss mental health. Never shy from talking to others if you have any sort of issue, and never look away when someone needs to be heard. As they say, it is not a flaw, but an illness. Nothing to be ashamed of.


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      Really sad week for the restaurant industry.

      there were a couple of deaths that week. pretty crazy to see.


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        He was a very important figure in my wife and I's life. He was a big part of the inspiration that got us traveling the world, experiencing new cuisines. Before we go anywhere, we always try to find an episode covering the locations we'd like to visit, whether domestic or international. My wife has read all his books and was one of his "super fans." His death really upset her. A terrible shame.


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          I loved Parts Unknown.

          Rest In Peace, Mr. Bourdain.

          Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016