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  • Rastic
    I've had migraines since the fourth grade - severe enough that I had a neurologist for some time. Interesting though I've never had associating vision problems many who suffer have. When I was younger I tried almost everything from resting in a dark, quiet room to ice, cold showers, etc. The best escape was to somehow fall asleep if I could but now I just wake up with them so I have to deal with them if I feel one coming on right away. Generally, if they get real bad they make me very nauseous on top of the usual debilitating pain.

    I was on meds for a number of years but was finally able to wean myself off them, thankfully because one of the prescriptions I was taking for pain was later banned by the FDA for increasing heart problems and was an addictive opioid to boot.

    Now they are mostly controlled by diet now and, for me, most notably by staying well hydrated. Ice packs, cold showers and over the counter meds are usually enough if I start to get one.

    On the coffee topic, there are medications with caffeine as an active ingredient like Excedrin and Midol as well as others I am not familiar with
    I think it might comes down to how individuals react to caffeine as to how effective it is but caffeine can also be a trigger to others.

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  • DevilSpawn
    Sorry to hear about this, Sophia.

    I've suffered from Migraines since 1996 and have not found a single cure for me or anyone who I know or have read that suffers from it. The longest one I had was Thanksgiving 2 years ago where it lasted from then until Sunday morning.

    My type of migraines are the "ice pack on the eye" kind, the stabbing pain that just hovers there like an unwanted guest. It starts on one side, travels to the other side, goes back to the original side, appears where the hairline begins and then disappears slowly like a rising fog. ]

    Knock on wood luckily for me, I suffer mainly from chronic headaches with an occasional migraine which can last from 24-60 hours. I used to get them 2-4 times a month. Now I get about 5 a year. I think I've only had 1 this year if that many because I found my main trigger, which is listening to headphones at a certain volume. Even when I listen to music I start to get a headache. Now of course the easy solution is to stop but unfortunately it's part of my job, and I can't find one this easy that pays me this much lol. The rest of the triggers are all kinds of stress.

    One thing I found that works for migraines some of the time is coffee. I used to never drink coffee. Instead I took over Excedrin, but after 10 years they stopped working. No other over the counter meds even puts a dent in my migraines. But I quit Excedrin because I didn't want to rely on meds any longer. One day when I had a migraine, my father in law suggested that I try coffee. I didn't hate it but it wasn't my cup of tea. After drinking it and taking an hour nap. my migraine was gone.

    Unfortunately this doesn't work all the time, and if my migraine gets to a certain apex, I can't do anything about it. So my advice is as soon as you feel a migraine coming on, take a cup of coffee and find some place to lie down or rest with your eyes closed for 30-60 minutes. This may work, but you have to attack it early on because once it gets to the icepack stage, you may not find something to get rid of it. If you don't like coffee, a caffeine pill should do the trick.

    Good luck. I say we use this thread for tips and suggestions. Who knows, we may find the cure ourselves.

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  • Peanut
    I'm sorry you all suffer from migraines. Such an awful thing to go through.

    Sophia, I checked to see if there were any other threads and found one. Wasn't much in it. I thought perhaps someone had some good recommendations. One person said that going to a chiropractor helped him.

    I've seen ads for Botox injections. Have no idea if that works.

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  • JakeNbake
    When I get them I start to lose vision so if I notice my vision getting a little blurry I try to take excedrin. If I wait any longer than that nothing I do will help. Once my arm starts to go numb or face start to go numb it's way too late I just have to lay in bed. I get them intermediately when I was about 15 I had one for 2 weeks straight I couldn't do anything.

    I don't really have a good answer just know how bad they are.

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    My mom and I suffer from migraines. Unlucky me, I can't find anything to make me feel better

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  • Sophia23
    started a topic migraine sufferers

    migraine sufferers

    I'm just curious. I know there are a lot of people who deal with these. I remember there was someone else on the boards who use to complain about migraines often, so if there is another thread already... sorry mods.

    Anyway, I'm curious what people take for it, if you have found something that works. This has been one of my worst years with them so far. I take naproxon and fioricet, this use to work... but the last few times, I've been given generic fioricet, which never works and if anything makes things worse.

    I once read that vitamin D helps, and I seriously thought it did because I quit getting them so often, once I started taking a vitamin D supplement every morning.

    I had an ice pack on my right eye off and on for almost a day and half with my last one... and that's what usually numbs it enough to ease it, but this barely works anymore... just curious for those who deal with them often, if you've found some stuff that works.

    When the pain in my eye gets to be a dull pain rather than severe, I've found a hard run on the treadmill will kill it completely. Just curious how others deal.