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    We use a lot of code words and phrases. Here are some and their meanings:




    You're So Sensitive-Not in a Million Years

    We Need To Talk/We Need To See Other People-I'm dumping you for someone else

    I Need Space-Leave Me Alone, I Never Want To See You Again

    Feel free to add others
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    That's interesting - Are you stupid?

    Not a fan - that sucks

    Shoot me an email - because I am done talking with you

    We'll have to get together sometime - but we won't

    It is what it is - I cannot think of anything meaningful or worthwhile to say but feel compelled to make some comment so as to avoid the awkwardness of weird pause


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      I love sayings/phrases threads. Here's proof...


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        No disrespect---I'm about to disrespect you

        WE NEED TO TALK!--I need to talk and you need to listen

        DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!-- I'm tired of talking about it, I want you to do it my way

        No offense but---I'm about to say something you may not like and may offend you

        Don't take this the wrong way--I'm about to say something negative about you

        Its not what you think!---Its actually what you think or worse I just need a couple seconds to come up with my next line

        No I don't mind--- Yes I mind, you already knew that when you asked it. But your putting me in a uncomfortable place so I'm gonna do it

        I don't mean to.....----Yes I do and I'm going to
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          Yes dear ~ i know im right but i will play along to see what happens

          Piece of gum? ~your breath is atrocious

          FL~ "we need to talk" reminds me of dave chappelle
          "How come when she says that, its always about somethin i gotta do?"
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            Covfefe - no idea
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              I'm not angry at you - You're the one whose gonna get the brunt of all my anger.

              Thank you for the time and effort that went into your submission - We will not be publishing you.
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                Do these jeans make my butt look big? - I think we all know what that really means.