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    Today is a day that will live infamously in the history of the United States. 77 years ago today, The United States was thrown into World War II by the unprecedented attack by the Empire of Japan. 2,403 Americans lost their lives. The link below is a FaceBook post by the United States Army honoring those who lost their lives on that December day in 1941.
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    Army? What about the Navy?

    The main blow was struck against the USN which suffered the greatest destruction and death toll. May all those men Rest in Peace, and may God Bless all the men and women who served (and serve). :usa:

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      Sorry to see a thread of remembrance for losses in WWII at Pearl Harbor brought low by argument.

      This year marks the 77th anniversary of the attack on Oahu. Find out about ceremonies and events taking place the week of December 7, 2018.

      The total number of military personnel killed was 2,335, including 2,008 navy personnel, 109 marines, and 218 army. Added to this were 68 civilians, making the total 2403 people dead. 1,177 were from the USS Arizona.

      The number of wounded came to 1,143 with 710 navy, 69 marines, and 364 army, as well as 103 civilians.

      Total Japanese personnel losses were 55 men.

      At dawn on December 7, 1941, more than half of the United States Pacific Fleet, approximately 150 vessels and service craft, lay at anchor or alongside piers in Pearl Harbor. All but one of the Pacific fleet's battleships were in port that morning, most of them moored to quays flanking Ford Island.

      By 10:00 a.m., the tranquil Sunday calm had been shattered. Twenty-one vessels lay sunk or damaged, the fighting backbone of the fleet apparently broken. Smoke from burning planes and hangars filled the sky, while oil from sinking ships clogged the harbor. Death was everywhere.

      The fleet in Pearl Harbor, the focus of the attack, suffered the greatest loss: almost half the total casualties occurred when the USS Arizona exploded. U.S. Army, Navy, Army Air Force, and Marine Corps facilities across the length and breadth of Oahu, from Kaneohe to Haleiwa to Malakole, bore their share of death and destruction. Hickam, Wheeler, and Bellows Army Air Fields lost 217 men and 77 aircraft. Naval Air Stations at Ford Island and Kaneohe lost 19 men. Pacific Fleet naval aircraft losses in total, were 92. At Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, four men were killed and 33 aircraft were destroyed. Civilians from Waikiki to Pearl City were killed by exploding anti-aircraft munitions (friendly fire).

      The below links are for pages that list military personnel who either died as a result of the attack or were killed later that day in the performance of their duties.

      US Navy casualties
      US Marine Corps casualties
      US Army casualties
      US Army Air Forces casualties
      What's important isn't who makes a video to honor the lost but that we remember the lost, why they died and, more important, why they lived and served.

      Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard - thank you all. We will not forget.


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        I've been studying World War II in-depth since 1979, and I'm well-aware of the casualties of this event --which is why I wrote "greatest" in regards to the Navy as they bore the lionshare of damage. I just wondered (question marks) why it's not their site is all --not to imugn anybody (or branch).


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