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Rest in peace, Topscribe

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  • Rest in peace, Topscribe

    We got word over at the other board that our dear friend, Topscribe, passed on December 22nd. Just thought I'd pass it over here as he was such a big part of this board for many years. Love you, Larry!
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    I remember him... sad..


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      RIP, Topscribe. He used to post in here a lot, and was a very good contributor.


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        Originally posted by Giveemlove View Post
        We got word over at the other board that our dear friend, Topscribe, passed on December 22nd. Just thought I'd pass it over here as he was such a big part of this board for many years. Love you, Larry!
        I'm sorry to hear of his passing. He definitely had an impact on both boards. Thoughts and prayers to family and friends.

        Thanks for sharing, GEM.


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          Oh man....😭 i always liked him and his posts here. We had some differences but in the end we got along and he generally made me look more stupid than I thought I was. 😂😂😂No bs, he shot from the hip and very seldom missed. Good man gone. Rest in peace Top. You will be missed.
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            Very, very sad news. Top and I always got along very well, and to say he was a great contributor to both message boards would be an understatement. His no-nonense attitude could rub people the wrong way, but to me, that was the part about him I respected the most. He will be missed.




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              Aww, that's sad news.
              RIP Top.


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                I did not get to know him, but he was a frequent poster when I started, and he seemed to know his stuff. As RYO said, he was no nonsense, and I believe he was quite impactful.

                Sad to hear.


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                  Very sad to read this, this morning. Top was a staple here when I signed up 14 years ago. Just a good guy...

                  RIP Topscribe. I pray for you, your family, and your friends.
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                    RIP, Top!
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                      Requiescat in pace, Topscribe.
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                        Hope your passing was peaceful Top
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                          RIP, Top...
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                            It is almost 8 years to the day of Topscribe's last post here. So many here may not be aware of him. He was a heck of a poster and spoke on a variety of topics.

                            He could be polarizing and opinionated, but he spoke from his heart. He was highly intelligent and was passionate about this team. His presence helped to shape this board, even though he didn't always approve of that shape. Wherever his spirit is now.I am sure he is still speaking his mind. Rest is Peace Top, you were one of a kind.
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                              I'm back.....for a today at least. RIP Topscribe.

                              Today is my first post in 7 or 8 years here. Quite a difference from when I was named the first official mod here back in 2003. Might as well be the dark ages in internet terms. So its likely that almost no one here knows me. But you know, marriage, kids, health scares...other things things became more important.

                              I came back to publicly pay my respects to Topscribe. An apt name, he was an experienced wordsmith, capable of sling barbs and compliments in ways that would have made Shakespeare proud. Not surprising given that he was professional copywriter, a career that we had in common at the time. Those of us who love language sometimes are rare these days.

                              Which is why I think he'd be pleased that my first thought was to refer to the writings of Titus Lucretius Carus, philospher and poet of the Roman Empire. RIP Topscribe:

                              "Departed comrade! Thou, redeemed from pain
                              Shall sleep the sleep that kings desire in vain:
                              Not thine the sense of loss
                              But lo, for us the void
                              That never shall be filled again.
                              Not thine but ours the grief.
                              All pain is fled from thee.
                              And we are weeping in thy stead;
                              Tears for the mourners who are left behind
                              Peace everlasting for the quiet dead."

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