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Have you ever danced with your dog?

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  • Have you ever danced with your dog?

    Remember that "King of the Hill" episode were Bobby entered a dog dancing contest with ladybird? Well apparently this is a real thing people do which doesn't surprise me. Got to say as bored as I've been before I never got so bored I turned to this. It doesn't help that I'm such a lousy dancer the dog would probably be better at than me. I just hope I never get served. Like in Iowa I am always at risk of a hillbilly coming along with his dog and doing a dance number in front of me in a challenge. I better get practicing I guess. Also I better get a dog because if that hillbilly comes along in challenge and I am without dog, I would be really embarrassed and the community would never let me live it down.

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    I can't say that I have ever danced with my dog.


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      Originally posted by ALE.Bronco.Fan
      I can't say that I have ever danced with my dog.

      Why not? Are you embarrassed to dance in front of your dog? I'm sure he/she won't laugh.


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        I danced with my ex-wife some. Oh wait, are you talking about the canine variety here?????

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          Yeah, I used to.

          Socks, Trouble and Bear.

          I have another dog now, Gigi, and she dances, but she's about the size of the cat so I can't dance with her.


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            I dance in front of her sometimes. She just looks up at me like I'm an idiot. I'll pick her up and she starts squirming around.


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              You'd be suprised at what some people do... >_>

              For me, even my dog thinks I suck at dancing.


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                From PAINTERDAVES Journal -Entry date August 18, 1994

                "Rush hour on Friday afternoon. With a day's work under his belt, and a week's wages in his pocket, he zipped along 6th Avenue west, doing 55 mph in the fast lane. He noticed a nice looking blonde in the red Toyota next to him. She sparked his imagination, as he looked forward to the evening ahead.

                Travis Tritt twanged out of the radio of his old Ford Pickup truck while he thought of the revelry he'd find at the 120 year old Little Bear Saloon that evening. In his mind's eye, he was already wearing his leather boots, old straw hat, Buffalo Nickel belt buckle and the turquoise and bone choker he had made himself. His fingers beat out a cowboy tatoo on the top of the steering wheel.

                Suddenly, a Jeep Wagoneer getting on the highway at Federal saw a small opening and tried to shoot the gap in front of him. The Jeep careened to the right, skidding sideways. It's driver overcorrected and cut the wheel sharply to the left, losing all contol. The Jeep spun in a circle, ending in a dead stop in the fast lane facing the deadly hum of the steady old Ford and travis Tritt, who never missed a beat.

                The Fords brakes began a dicontented squeal as they were forced to perform in a rodeo they had no real busines being in. As the Ford shuddered and slowed, he looked into his rear view mirror. He saw the red Toyota way back in the distance, safe and silent and nearly stopped. His eyes widened, though, as he viewed the vehicle directly behind him, like a nightmare bronc plunging ahead heedlessly. He saw, in the mirror, the driver talking to the passenger, unaware of the blood red tail lights looming in front of him, or the ever increasing size of the big tan letters on the tailgate - F - O - R - D!

                The driver was intent on something, emphasizing his point with a waving right hand and mile a minute lips.

                His heart pounding in his chest, the sudden realization that to simply stop would do no good, fairly leaped into his brain. At about 30 mph, he eased the old Ford intothe center lane letting go of the sweating brakes. As he passed the Jeep within inches, a puzzled look crossed the brow of it's driver - ( Why didn't the cowboy stop?)

                Travis Tritt continued his lonesome lament as he put the petal to the metal after shifting gears. Seconds later he heard the loud WHUMP, CRASH, and CLANG, and behind it all that tearing SCREECH. His heart beat faster than the tune Travis played.

                I'M A MEMBER OF A COUNTRY CLUB,
                I DO MY DRINKIN' FROM A DIXIE CUP.
                I'M A BONA FIDE DANCIN' FOOL,
                AT ANY *****TONK OR ROADSIDE PUB,
                I'M A MEMBER OF A COUNTRY CLUB!

                As he opened his front door, the two big dogs leaped with joy, their tailless backsides wiggling with delight! The three of them danced through the house, happy to be alive!"

                That was the Friday Night I danced with my Sheepdogs, Princess Nikita and Rowdy Bart. It wasn't long before I was at the Bear, and danced with wild abandon there, too!
                - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

                Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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                  - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

                  Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!