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    Box Wine

    A couple years ago my buddy made me laugh when he said he was buying box(ed) wine. I am not an alcohol snob, but I never thought of wine in a box being the best idea. For one thing, it sounds cheap to me. And then, what about the loss of flavour? And finally, do the good wineries put wine in boxes??

    Well here we are. A couple of years later and guess what my wife and I enjoy? Wine in a box! I mean, she was the one to give it a go, given I was hardly drinking wine at the time. But she convinced me to taste it, and for the most part, it holds its taste. One more thing, it cost about half as much!:thumb:

    We like this canuck wine....Jackson Triggs - Riesling Gewurztraminer. I know, it's a mouthful! And why not, given it's kinda alright to drink a mouthful. Hey, it tastes good, is known for being a good wine, and a box contains over 5 bottles, and at a local price of just $40.

    Hey, I have not drank much wine over the last decades, preferring a little rye or beer. But why not? It goes good with food, and gives me a nice, relaxed feeling. I'm talkin less than a glass a day, but I am glad we "stooped" to the box version!!



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      Jackson triggs eh....

      with love from a local wine snob.


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        Originally posted by Remedy View Post
        Jackson triggs eh....

        with love from a local wine snob.
        I expect that any wine expert would stay far away from wine in a box, or buy the ordinary stuff we do. We are ok with a $16 or $17 bottle. One of my friends believes he is a bit of an expert and actually did go snobby on the rest of the group, by basically telling us he knew the difference in wines, and that what we were drinking was not quite the same. But some could care less, given we are not too worried about it, nor want to spend ten or twenty, (or more) above the price we pay now. Sure, I splurge occasionally, especially if it's something for my wife. Sad truth, the times I do it, I am not any more satisfied with the wine itself.

        As for Jackson T....we often go Canadian, but dabble with various countries. We often buy from wineries we have visited, like JT or Mission Hill. I love visiting wineries, and have been fortunate to have done so in a number of places when on vacation.
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          Doesn't It Feel A Bit Better When Others Share The Same Concerns

          There's an old saying, "Misery enjoys company", that resonates from time to time, although for the most part, it is limited in practice. Most of my concerns are not in the "misery" category, though I believe there is some exaggeration in the wording. On a lesser scale of anguish, but one that does impact one's mindset, I typically concur that it is good to know that others have experienced the same issues. And why that's important is because it can help a person find the answers they are looking for. Others can share their experiences, mentor as required, and definitely be a source of comfort, to help you get through whatever it is that is blocking your path.

          Sometimes folks, like me, wonder if we are quite isolated in terms of the anguish we feel. And this can be multiplied in effect, if a person is dealing with several significant difficulties. I call it being overwhelmed, at which time things can get a bit blurry. It gets harder and harder to deal with everything at once, which can weigh us down faster and further, because the weight seems too heavy.

          I still believe that the best way to help yourself out of such mental challenges is to separate each problem area, and to build a plan accordingly. The plan usually includes definition of the problem, options to solve it, and then specific tasks to make the situation better. You can not typically solve all problems simultaneously, especially when you drift into that "blur" I mention. But by dealing with each item on its own, and having a plan for each, I believe a person can rest easier knowing that they can slowly but surely find their way above water. I have often felt the load diminish as I addressed each problem, and could usually sleep much better knowing that this temporary mess had an end in sight.

          And I will preface some of my commentary with the hard fact that some issues are very, very difficult. I can not even suggest that solutions are waiting to be had. Like most things in life, I believe we can manage a high % of what is piled on us, but I am not here to say that everything is that simple. I hope that even the smallest thread of light can be visible, through the darkest of hours.

          Which brings me back to the "sharing" part. I firmly believe that most of us do not like feeling like we have unique problems. That is why it is such a relief when others provide insight as to their experiences of a similar nature, and that solutions are within reach. And I also feel like we are a sharing community, and that we are motivated when others make us feel less alone. That we are not different, other than different in ways we appreciate. Having a unique identity is cool. But having unique problems can be troubling. That is when others can lighten the load with common purpose, and tales of similar paths having been taken.

          In fact, I find an immediate sense of hope as soon as another person opens up to me. As I mentioned, some weight is immediately lifted. Options arise. Solutions are within grasp. Even just knowing that others feel the same feelings can be redeeming.

          On the other side of this equation, I like to help others. And I especially like to help folks who are looking for such support, and perhaps, guidance. If you ever feel the need, I am cool with pms.:thumb:


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            I'm not the most sharing person in person, but more so sometimes online. I do think it makes a difference when dealing with something tough to know how many others share similar difficulties. Makes it seem like not such a big deal... I'm not really a negative person but know I sometimes vent a bit too much at work, but feel relief by so many others who can relate ...
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              TV "Recording" Blues

              I am not one of technical savvy. It is obvious the way I keep messing up TV "recordings". It took me many foul ups to learn to record beyond the time duration for sports I was recording, given they often go longer than the allotted time. Therefore, I missed a few finishes along the way. Not smart!

              Last night was a combo mess up, though one was not mine. With the new season for many regular shows, I had recorded 2 shows that I was looking forward to watching.

              Problem one, the season premiere of one show was longer than normal. For some reason I have not learned that simply recording a series does not guarantee that the extra time is built in. End result, my wife and I got to watch 2/3rds of the premiere. And no, there is not another version of that episode available to record. Oh well.

              Then there was this power outage. And it happened with a few minutes left in the show. I get to watch about 56 minutes of it.....but not the ending. And same deal, this episode is not played again this week.

              Bottom line, I might have to get used to beginnings and no endings!

              Like I said, I am not a technical type, and in this case, I guess I am not to be blamed for power outages. But believe me, if something goes technically wrong in our house, it is usually my doing.

              How bout you?


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                i dont understand this term...."recording" HAHA just kidding Can.

                I cut the cord years ago. so now with hulu everything is on demand. For football I have gamepass if I have to miss the live game.
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                  Originally posted by dipablo View Post
                  i dont understand this term...."recording" HAHA just kidding Can.

                  I cut the cord years ago. so now with hulu everything is on demand. For football I have gamepass if I have to miss the live game.
                  Ha ha pal....I am always late to the party when it comes to technology. Luckily my wife isn't, though she keeps things relatively simple in terms of her entertaining wants. But whenever I need some techno help, she's never too far away.


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                    Are You A Giver Or A Taker?

                    I know this is a complex question, and it would be fair to say that bias may be a factor.

                    I like to think I give more, but you'd have ask family, friends and associates to answer that one....and even then, they may not know some things. We have choices, and we make decisions, hundreds a day, and only we know for sure if the route we took was more for selfish reasons, or for the good of others....or a combination. I like to think we can be a bit selfish while helping others.

                    Here's an example of the choices we make. Living in a condo, where utilities are shared and divided by a factor of square footage. Because one pays a constant monthly fee, no matter the usage, should the best decision be to try to minimize the utilities we use, or just do as we feel. Should we use A/C instead of closing the blinds when it's sunny? Should we let the water run and run and run? Should we neglect caulking, given it will create heat/cool loss?

                    The truth is, in the above example(s), if everyone in that condo tried to reduce their individual usage, everyone's monthly fee would decrease. But in my opinion, the givers will be wise, whereas the takers will abuse, even though their actions will eventually cause all fees to increase.

                    Generally in life, do we measure how our actions affect others, the environment, and so? We can help so many others, in so many ways, and still have fantastic lives of our own. As for the environment, for example, why is it that some have no concern when they litter, when someone else will have to pick it up....or perhaps an animal might be injured when they consume? These are very basic points of discussion, but are just a mini glance at what we confront nearly every day....opportunities to do the right thing, for unselfish reasons.

                    I am not going to go into great depth on any of this (definitely not climate), but being a giver means we must sacrifice from time to time, or at least think things out before proceeding. I have my many weak spots, from a selfish perspective, but generally when I see a person in need, I try to help. Good upbringing I suppose. But I can name too many things that would describe me better as a bit of a taker. Overall, and it's just my best guess, I give more.

                    Whereas I live with a person who is absolutely a "Giver". She is one of the most unselfish people I have ever met, and very possibly #1. She thinks about herself after she thinks of her family and friends. Yet if you asked her, she would tell you different.

                    Try to be more of a giver. Try to weigh consequences before taking action. Selfish may feel good for a while, but in the long run it will not go too far, and someday may haunt you, for not being a better person.

                    Hey....just suggesting. Life is not easy. As long as we try, that's a great place to start! And yah, next time you want that last slice of pizza, look around the table and perhaps let someone more deserving have a shot at it.:thumb:


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                      I "take" it this is not that interesting. No biggee, I "give" that to you. It's a give and take world.


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                        You gotta take some to give some.
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                          Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
                          You gotta take some to give some.
                          Wonder if I can explain my behaviour that way the next time I'm at the bank?


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                            Bless The far they are Givers!!


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                              We Have A River View!!!

                              I've lived in an apartment, but never owned a condo before. Nice place. 3rd floor. Lots of windows. Good folks here.

                              There's a nice river winding around the property, but we can not see it from our condo. I am sure the price would have been even higher had we that benefit.

                              Growing up, everyone loved the idea of river property. That is, until a few floods changed that perspective. Even with our amazing "Floodway", which when activated, reroutes the Red River all around the city to a spot in the river that is able to handle much more water.

                              I digress. Now that autumn is moving along at a brisker pace, it is becoming more and more evident that, as the leaves fall, the river becomes more exposed. Not saying a big wide open view, but a view nonetheless. And now I can see portions of the river in 2 different places. And when all the leaves fall....we will be watching the Red with ease! YESSSS!!!

                              Now there is a downside.....when leaves all fall, that means we are moving fast towards winter. And at some point this river view I describe will become an ice and snow mix. But then, spring will open up things again, for a while.

                              And who knows, maybe someone will decide to move some trees.....or at least cut a branch or two, so that we can have a year round river view.

                              I guess we will have to sell in later fall or spring!!


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                                Selling Online

                                With our recent home sale we have never experienced online selling to such an amazing degree. When you right size a bit, or upgrade, or just have a need to get rid of furniture and goods, quickly, online selling works pretty nicely. So we started out with the usual sites, with success.

                                Then we were told to try Facebook Marketplace, to which my wife was pretty much intimidated with the almost overwhelming response rate! She could not keep up with some, given the explosion of interest, and then trying to formalize with prospective buyers, who sometimes seemed to forget whatever deal they were interested in. How is it that so many want something so badly, and then basically disappear....or keep changing their schedule?? I have a hunch that some are not there for the right purpose, or are so spontaneous that the fire can go out as quickly as it started! And it makes me laugh that some wanted us to deliver!

                                But wow, so fast these days! Unlike many folks, we hardly ever sell stuff. But these past months proved very interesting, and gave us a true sense of why the art of bargaining is part of our DNA. Well, pretty much everyone's.

                                Truth is, almost every person we sold to was friendly, trustworthy, and knew how to close a transaction. I enjoyed talking to most of them, and did not mind helping them lift things to their vehicles. Then again, some of the folks are much stronger than they look! And probably the most impressive person we sold to was a female nurse, who was helping relatives move, along with getting some cheaper furniture for them. Now, this is not about a male/female thing, but I just wanted to mention to best describe. She came and quickly assessed the suitability of the couch/other furniture (to confirm what she saw in pics), made sure (for us) that the financial transaction went thru online, then directed (several of us)/helped carry the large, heavy couch up 2 sets of stairs without touching a wall. And then secured everything in their pickup truck like she did it for a living.

                                I witnessed stronger folks who came to purchase, and some who were as organized, but she was the most amazing of the bunch, given her leadership/strength/moving expertise. And the good news, had any of us got hurt in the process, she could have attended to our medical needs!!

                                Anyway....long live the entrepreneurial spirit, via online buying/selling. Works like a least, so far for us. I am sure there are some horror stories to relate, but luckily we have none to tell in that regard.:thumb:
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