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  • I like SFIX right now. It might be too late, but I think the earnings beatdown was an over reaction. I got in 15%-20% ago. It's filling the gap. Might be worth checking out. Looks to have a clear path from 60 to 69. As long as the broader markets have an even or bullish sentiment.
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


    • I watched another doc about Madoff. Each time I see his story told, it tastes just as bad. How could anyone play such a dangerous game, ruining the lives of his family and many friends, when he did not have to use a "ponzi" scheme to be successful. He was highly regarded and knew how to make money, and he had it made. And of all things, involving a game of chance, where everyone knows that the end result would be extremely harmful to many....and in this case, people he supposedly cared about, or people who trusted him with the only money they had. How could they be blamed? Even the Securities Commission could not see thru it, with so many leads to follow.

      My goodness, his son hung himself in disgrace and pain, partly from all those who hated him, innocent or not. His other son succumbed to disease, probably spurred on by the stress. His wife is a shell of herself. Many will argue that they must have known, but I am not sure. I actually think they may not have known, given the way this charismatic, manipulative, dangerous man tricked so many. And of course, the thousands of investors, some who were not rich, who were probably good people for the most part. Fortunately, if they made it thru all the pain and losses, the legal folks have redistributed about 3/4ths of the lost funds. But this is many years later, and I am sure it was too late for some.

      So when you invest, check and double check who you you are investing with and in what. Not as easy as we think....given the track record of the industry. And if that isn't enough for you, watch Wall Street, a great movie in my books, and see what greed can do to folks.

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      • A nice little correction today eh?


        • Originally posted by Peerless View Post
          A nice little correction today eh?
          Yes indeed, and many associate it with increasing concerns about the Delta variant. I do think inflation and even mounting debt load will influence the markets at some point. It's a beautiful thing if you have your own printing press for creating money, but too much of it will present a problem sooner or later. And yes, borrowing gazillions of dollars will catch up with countries, unless they have a smart plan in place.

          We've talked but I still think the stock markets are over valued, given the economic mess that we've experienced for the last year and a half,