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    Originally posted by Sophia23 View Post
    Yeah, I think my dogs have gotten use to this... They are funny though, they don't really come around me when I'm working, but they get an extra walk as long as I don't have to commute... I don't think that will go over well when that goes away.
    Yeah....we are retired so we don't have to both go to work or whatever, and have not had a reason to go out together since the pandemic started...until last week when we had brunch at a restaurant. We used to have a plan of attack when we went out, and our dog would go along with it. She loves her kennel, so we can leave her in it, play some soft music and give her a couple of treats. Not so these days. She did not like it when we both went to get something from the underground parking together. So we practiced a couple of times, and I think all went well last week, because we did not hear her as we locked the door and listened.

    But I can see a lot of dogs being unhappy with the separation again, although it too will pass.


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      So do bank tellers and other staff see a line up of covid mask wearers, or a group of potential bank robbers???