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Has anyone ever been to Colombia ?

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  • Has anyone ever been to Colombia ?

    Hey, me and my partner are getting married next June in Mexico. The plan is to have a month off work and spend week 1 in Mexico and week 4 in New Orleans.

    We are deciding where to spend weeks 3 and 4. We are looking around central America as the flight price and time are much better then places like Brazil and Argentina.

    We looked into Belize and G/mala which look good, then kinda got settled on Panama due to wildlife, rainforest areas, the beaches of San Blas, etc......... but I have been looking into Colombia and it looks pretty awesome.

    Bogota the capital looks good for a day or 2, Medellin looks colourful and interesting plus has the Pablo Escobar story and tours, Cartegena sounds like a peaceful coastal town vibe (although busy and popular), Salento is the coffee mountain area, Tayrona national park sounds like a good place for beaches and hiking plus scenery.

    You can do a 3-4 day trek to the lost city through the jungle (ciudad perida) and a big draw is flying south to the Amazonas region and staying in Leticia and doing tours into the amazon and day trips to neighbouring Brazil and Peru

    With only 2 weeks we can't do it all and will need to pick and choose when putting together an itinery, and can probably only do one of the lost city trek or amazon trip. I just wondered if anyone has been to some of these places and can give me some insight into what you thought.