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  • Seeking Past Acquaintences

    When you are a bit older, it is not a given that you know the whereabouts of people we knew way back when. In my time, no one knew that a thing called the world wide web would make an appearance and allow most of the world to connect and reconnect. To put in perspective, when I was young we had one plain phone in the middle of the house, and we could send letters. As an aside, black and white tv was great, and so was the radio.

    Whereas the younger generations are comfortable with the social technologies, and because of their relatively young age, are very connected with people around them, and much further.

    Anyway....every so often we talk about a person we once knew, or knew of, and wonder where life has taken them. We can find most, thanks to technology. Sadly, given my relatively senior age, some have passed. And of course, on first glance at pics of those who are alive and hopefully doing well, it may be difficult to recognize them. Lots of the ole boys have shaved their heads and gained some weight since their "playing days". But various aspects align, and it is usually an interesting drive down memory lane.

    Today we looked up a guy who was a bit of a hero of mine when he was the high school basketball star, and I was dating his younger sister. He was the real deal, a tough, cool, good looking guy, who dated the popular/pretty/athletic star. He was not very tall, but he was a stellar guard and team leader. And he did not shy away from battle. I will never forget how awestruck I was when I ran out of money and he noticed, and threw in some coins to buy me a soft drink at school. even though at the time he probably did not know me. Seemed to me he was in control of every situation and was pretty cool about it.

    Back then we did not always know what families were up to. Some personal stuff was not open for discussion. It was more of an innocent era I suppose, but not because we were innocent. We just did not share like we do now. And folks were often concerned about what others would think. A failure back then was too troubling at times to discuss.

    In the case of the person I am talking about, something just hit me, after all these decades. And though it is not a negative thing at all, I realized today that maybe he was either adopted or had a different parent than the rest of the kids in that family. They were slim and more fair haired, he was a bit more husky and dark haired and had a tougher side from my perception. And unless we have the wrong person online, it appears he was born elsewhere. Hmmm. Then again, the kids were all athletic, including my girlfriend, who was one of the best athletes in our school.

    Regardless, I may have to follow this trail a little further, if I bump into anyone who was closer to the family. But interesting to me that it may have taken a fluke search to put 2 and 2 together. Could be wrong....but it all makes sense to me now, if accurate.

    Ha ha....meanwhile I still have that silly little memory of a high school hero looking out for a younger only a leader and cool guy would do.