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    Back in the good ole days (which weren't always so good), we had few ways of interacting, which in hindsight was difficult but in reality, was as good as we could expect. It taught us to be patient, creative, and appreciative of the time we had. Of course we could not relate to today's social media world, because we didn't know better. This is not a new perspective from me, but worth some reflection, that all we had was one dial phone, letters, and of course, get togethers. And letters took time to send and receive. Imagine how difficult that would have been in a pandemic. Because without face to face contact, we were down to sharing a family phone and handwritten memos....and believe me, we did not usually send letters to people in our community.

    Nowadays we have so much social capacity....even if face to face is limited in these times. But my concern continues, that the pendulum has swung too far. So many folks are hooked to the concept of staying close together. They are hooked on popularity, and they are hooked on being the fear of missing out (FOMO), where examples of folks being on amazing vacations are depressed because their friends are having a little bit of fun back home.

    For me, too much of the social interactions are about being someone a little different than the person you are, for the so called rewards of popularity. We want "the likes", and "the friends", and in so doing we may be altering who we are, as a sacrifice for our true feelings and beliefs, which are more relevant in this life than any superficial recognition.

    As an aside, there are definitely situations where we often try to say nicer things, or keep our opinions to ourselves, out of respect, or given the place, or because we want to spread some joy to others. I am totally good with that. The key is to say nice things not for personal reward, but to make others happy or feel better in time of need.

    But I think it important that people say what they feel, and express their critical thinking, and be true to who they are....not who they think others want them to be. And I believe that too many of us are at least mildly addicted to being part of whatever is going on, even if it does not add value to our lives. And as mentioned, are actually anxious about missing out, even though it is more about hype than of substance. By being so tightly locked into this form of social landscape, many are worse off than without it. There are too many examples of unhappy campers out there, who have substituted value for a world than is only partially meaningful.

    We will never go back to the ole days, but I hope that folks find a better balance of independence and social enjoyment. And know when popularity is often superficial, and hopefully know to distance themselves from folks with bad intentions seeking some sort of validation.
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