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Sending Kind Words To Folks Who Had An Impact

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  • Sending Kind Words To Folks Who Had An Impact

    Have you ever had the wonderful experience of someone telling you that you made an impact in their lives? That you make a difference? Small or large.

    I am not hear to tell you that it happens to me often, but rather the special feeling it gives you, to have someone take the time and show some strength of character to personalize your relationship in a positive way. It is powerful juice, and to be honest, it's a drink we all deserve from time to time.

    Maybe because I am getting "older", I think of these things from time to time. I am a bit of an extrovert, so I have told a lot of people what they meant to me, or simply, about something they did to help me out, or give me a lift. But there are so many folks I'd like to reach out to, and tell them something nice. Maybe surprise them even, given not everyone is aware of their good traits or value.

    Of course I am thinking of the closest ones to us, but also to those who made an impact at a time that is etched in our memories. It would be so cool just to thank one of those first girlfriends for being part of my early, confused life, or even those who I had a thing for, because they were so special. Or some people, that when I look back, had it all together, and helped steer me in the better direction. Some buddies (who I have not seen in years) who I met, in sports or at work, or wherever, who gave me years of valuable comradery. When you are young you have little to compare with, but after living for many decades, it is easier to reflect on who made a difference, especially at an age when a person is looking for life's answers. But hey, aren't we always looking?

    Then I thought of an ole soul from The 'Peg (as a teen) - Neil Young. who wrote these words in "One Of These Days":

    One of these days
    I'm going to sit down
    And write a long letter
    To all the good friends I've known

    Kind of relevant.

    I am not sure this is for everyone, but if you get a chance, and you know someone who you want to give a good day to, why not go for it?

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    I'm very much an introvert, but I typically put it in writing...
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      Originally posted by Sophia23 View Post
      I'm very much an introvert, but I typically put it in writing...
      Actually being an introvert and putting things in writing can often times be as powerful or more. Something special about the written word, from a well intentioned source.