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    martial person ?

    Originally posted by KnightOLB53

    I would like to see Bush vs Bin Laden but i dont know who would win. Bush is from texas so he could be tough. But Bin Laden is a martial person so he might know some hand to hand combat or something.
    --- isn't bin-laden on a kidney dialisis machine ? ---

    May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
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      Originally posted by ElwayIsGod7
      Or even better flesh eating bacteria vs. george w. bush
      elwayisgod7, welcome to your new home, sunny guantanamo bay
      go broncos
      share the sidewalk
      liberty > safety . . . ron paul '12!


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        Hey, this really happened.

        Halloween 2001. Huge 10th annual house party at Dales 120 year old house on Logan Street, Denver.

        2 couples, loved by all, good friends, hot chicks, big and goodlooking dudes.
        The went in rented costumes as the Teletubbys! Ceaser is 6ft4 and sports a muscular frame at 230lbs. Ceaser was the purple Teletubby with the inverted Triangle on his head. That means he was the GAY one! He played it up. It was kinda funny, I pushed him away from me twice.

        Well, these young punks showed up, and one guy, who looked like Marshal Mathers, kept saying he had dressed as Eminem. Kinda lame 'cause he was just in his regular clothes. Well, I was at the keg getting a beer on the front porch, when suddenly I was in the middle of Eminem meets Gay Teletubby!

        The insults flew out of the mouth of Eminem. No slack for it being Halloween, just cutting slam after cutting slam. I started to step up for Ceaser/Teletubby. Ceaser smiled, put out his fuzzy paw, and gently pushed me back. Even as the insults and Gay bashing reigned down, Ceaser said to me "Dave, I can handle Eminem!"

        Little Dude was asking for it. Posturing and strutting. His posse was backing him up. I slipped around the growing crowd, and grabbed Big Dale, dressed in leather Chaps, dude was the Sherriff. I quickly told him Ceaser wanted to face Eminem alone, but that the posse was itching for action. We grabbed Glenn, the other big Teletubby, and Sherriff Dale, Deputy Dave, and Fuzzy Green Glenn pushed through the crowd, stepped up behind all three Posse members, and quickly immobilized them from any further interaction.

        Meanwhile the fracas had moved from the front porch to the lawn. Eminem was still spouting crap and gay bashing Ceaser (Who is married to a knockout and has a baby daughter). "Is that right?" I heard the Gay teletubby ask. "Yeah! That's right!" Little Eminem declared, never having turned around to see that his Posse was under arrest. . About that time, Gay Pride took on a new meaning! The fuzzy "gay" teletubby barreled into Eminem, knocking him straight back and down. Grabbed by both legs, Eminem was picked up by centrifugal force as the huge fuzzy teletubby swung him around and around and let loose. Eminem flew into a wrought iron fence, kinda leading with his face. The inverted triangle teletubby grabbed a leg, and drug the whipped pup back towords the porch. We let loose the ***** Posse. "NEXT!" Declared the GAY teletubby, leaning in menacingly into the gang. He faked a lunge at one of 'em, and dude scampered away. The rest of the tough guy gang picked up their leader and slunk out the gate into the night. The crowd cheered. We drank more beer.

        Now when I see Ceaser and Karen, I say "Remember that party at Dales..." and he always sidles up to me, carresses my arm, and says "Dave, I saw you stand up for the Gay Teletubby that night. Come up to my loft, and I 'll show you my collection of Show Tunes!". "You ***!" his wife Karen yells! We all laugh again.
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          Originally posted by mattos
          ok how about flesh eating bacteria vs. michael moore?
          Originally posted by SCI03
          Oakland raider fans vs a bar of soap
          Props guys! B/c these two post by far are the funniest!