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Your favorite Food in the world and why

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  • Your favorite Food in the world and why

    I like ramon noodles, but only if they are cooked in a pot an then put lots of butter on them, not healthy really but very good................cookies an cream ice cream rocks too
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    mint choco chip ice cream is the best around...

    my fav. food? hmmm, that's tough..I like chicken francese, shrimp parmesan, and linguini with clams.

    Asking me what's my fav. food is like asking me to sleep with only one woman for the rest of my life!

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      Nothing better then a nice thick angus sirloin (med rare), with a baked potatoe, and nice green salad with blue cheese dressing. Maybe some homemade ice cream with melted fudge for d' zert...


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        Favorite Food?



        Because it tastes like horse ****.
        Why do you think?


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            Mexican or BBQ
            Ice cream sandwich or strawberry shortcake for dessert
            Now I'm hungry


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              If properly prepared, a cheese enchilada with savory chili sauce. Mmm...

              If talking about a general style of food, I'd go with Mexican food. Why? Because I don't believe there's a single healthy aspect to Mexican food. It's all about the taste.
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                Quite simply, super damn nuclear hot Buffalo Wings, with a side or BBQ Ribs.

                The Breakfast of Champions!!!!


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                  Get some fajitas goin, pile on the steak, shrimp, peppers and onions. and then of course the key ingredient. Lots and Lots of queso!
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                    Anything with beer. Lots and lots of beer!


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                      Originally posted by JoviBronco
                      Mexican or BBQ
                      Ice cream sandwich or strawberry shortcake for dessert
                      Now I'm hungry
                      I feel the same way...'cept for the strawberry shortcake for dessert, I like it, but it's deffenetly not the top of my list...oh yeah, and the coffee I can do without.

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                          Mexican (not that On the Border tex mex crap) & Chinese™
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