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    Originally posted by Alastor
    What kind and version of boards is he using if I can trouble you for that?

    They must either have an access account set to the boards as an admin or they've gotten into his server if this is a repeat thing. Perhaps the result of a phisher too, but if the guy is computer savvy that's unlikely.

    I'm just being nosy mind you.
    No problem with being nosy, I'm curious as how they do this myself.

    He's running a phpBB board, but I'm unsure of which version. He said they did not get into the server, but changed a censor setting, which leads me to believe that they must have gotten some admin access. This is the first time that they've actually accomplished anything, I guess there have been a couple other occasions where they've attempted to do something, but got nowhere. Like I said, I don't know much about forums or HTML or any of that web-based stuff, so I probably can't tell you much.


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      Originally posted by In-com-plete
      I have a funny story about this. X-mas a couple years ago I was driving to work on this 4 lane. There was a line of traffic in the left lane so I was passing them in the right lane. I was day-dreaming. Not paying attention at all. I probably passed 10 cars. I finally come to a car in the right lane and glance over to see if I can get over. All I see is the front bumper of a white car. Not a lot of room, but enough to get over.

      I whip it over and then see red and blue lights flashing from the grill of that white car. An unmarked cop car! This is the only time I've been pulled over and the cop didn't ask that standard question, "do you know why I pulled you over?" He just started lecturing me about everything I did wrong. Speeding (He didn't have a gun, so he didn't know how fast I was going). Failure to use a turn signal. Changing lanes without significant room. He said that was pretty much reckless driving. Then he started talking about how dark my tint was, how it was too low on the windshield, and my illegal tail lights.

      I stll can't believe he didn't give me a ticket. Maybe if it hadn't been Christmas he would have.
      i suppose its a good thing you didn't point out that he should have "kept right." that would have been hilarious . . . until you were arrested.

      Originally posted by Big Buck 1981
      I opened it this morning and every tread titles read OWNED repeatedly, and all of the posts read OWNED instead of the original text.
      glad to hear he was able to fix the problem. i didn't realize that the site had been hacked at first; i thought you were just saying that users said "owned" too much. i've got to say though, now that the forum is up and running again, that changing the censor to make every word owned is a pretty funny way to hack something.
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        and the Patriots.


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          I agree with Jared....

          "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
          tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of

          -- Samuel Adams

          sigpicJacks RULE!!!!!!


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            Originally posted by Alastor
            Ignornace, intolerance.

            I don't know what those big words mean. I can't stand know-it-alls like you!!


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              heh, well I can understand why you don't know what "ignornace" is...

              I must have been drunk. I hate people that drink and post.


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                Actually I didn't even notice you spelled that wrong. =p I am srue you hvae seen taht sduty taht cnldocues taht popele can raed atnyihg so lnog as the fsirt and lsat ltetres are the smae.


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                  When something doesn't work angers me like a ps2 game isn't being read in the ps2 or a computer game doesn't work or if ur going out with a bunch of people they decide to change there mind or in football when a play doesn't work and i can just go on and on
                  Darrent Williams #27 R.I.P


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                    Alot of little things can get me mad , but if we are talkin pissed off, i think it would have to be drunk drivers, i nearly lost my best friend about a year and a half ago because his dads mate who was driving crashed the car into a powerpole.

                    Just 2 parts of the #1 defence in the NFL


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                      I hate cheaters. And Liars.

                      Like Boohers old lady. If I met her, I'd be hard pressed not to light into her.
                      Cheaters are Liars. Liars are lowlifes. I mean heavy duty Lies. Not like when you tell your Ma you like her new dress. I mean Liars who hurt, cheat, and steal. Like someone who just don't give a good *** **** about the people in their life, they just go right ahead and Lie when the truth woulda served 'em better, Cheat when all that does is jack up everything for everybody, and steal from the hearts of all those around 'em.

                      Those people suck.
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                        People that WORK the system,really irritate me !!!Like when you have an in-law who works for 2 months then claims unemployment for 6 months,or who goes out driving and "gets into a little fender-bender",but then claims whipplash or some other significant injury and sues for a couple of thousand dollars.!

                        Or even worse when you know someone who works with you that claims injury and is back and forth to the doctors claiming fraudulant pain and scoomdooms the system for sript after script,and I get to0 watch my insurance deductibles go through the roof!!!

               people who are just stinking f***ing LAZY,but get on welfare and housing assistance,or foodstamps,and sit around milking hard-working Taxpayer dollars.

                        ...they care nothing about the difficulties they create for the people who actually NEED assistance!

                        fraudulant lawsuits
                        slow drivers in the fast lane(if im too close,MOVE BIOTCH!!!)
                        skunky beer
                        LIARS ARE THE WORST
                        CHEATERS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO THEM

                        ....remember,ANGER IS A GIFT!!!