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Tired Of Buy Backs In Hold'em Games?

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  • Tired Of Buy Backs In Hold'em Games?

    If you play with a bunch of friends, then you have the problem of people passing chips or people buying back in. To make it fair, do what by buddy does...have tournements.
    We all put in the same amount of money in the pot (usually $10 or $20), then divide up the chips evenly (everyone usually has 100 in chips). we start the blinds at 1/2. We play till there is one winner. Second place gets their money back and the winner gets the rest (don't forget to display the money on the table when you get to heads up). to ensure a fast game, double the small blind every time someone gets knocked out.
    to change things up, you can have different tournements once & a while, i.e. 7 card stud, omaha, or 5 card draw to name a few.
    The most important thing to remember is always have fun

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    "Everyone takes turns making mistakes in poker. The trick is to skip your turn."
    Mike Caro

    "The all-in play works every time but once"

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    yea thats what me and my buddies do all the time is make a specfic buy in ie like 5 or 10 bucks...we usually have an average pot of about 50 bucks or 45 as you would say for the winner...Everyone but this one idiot likes to raise the blinds, i guess hes just a lil pansy...I'm pretty good at hold 'em but i always get deboed out of 1st...i've been 2nd 7 times out of 9 times playing..

    but what busts my rump is that players that have no talent but have good 2 whole cards and keep betting with nothing and get lucky on the river to win against the other player who actually knows how to plays...thats usually the reason i lose..if someone has a pair of 6's will call an all in who the person is bluffing...WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT?!!! either good read (highly doubtfu) or just no talent idiots

    But Hold 'em is my favorite game and whenever you come out to Denver once i move, Uula we can have a poker game heads up


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      All we ever play is a ten dollar buy-in. You can cash out any time you want, but you can't buy in more. It's bad enough we're all borderline alcoholics, I really don't want to be the reason or even part of the reason my family gets a gambling addiction as well.


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        hahaha Alastor i hope you never drink when playing LMAO..

        We usually have about 7 or 8 playing on a replica of a real poker table with some nice clay chips


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          AHhh, I hate buy backs so much. We've outlawed them in out games. I've been up 3000 chips or so, and knocked 2 people out to have one of them buy back in just to get crazy hands and come back and win. It's such bulll. Especially when you're playing for 25-50 bucks. We do the 2nd place gets their money back, winner gets everything else.

          The most we've ever had is 2 tables of 8, which is a huge game and takes a while, we'll usually let the first four or 5 people buy back if it's that big of a game. We only play hold' 'em though, my brain doens't work well enough to play a good omaha game. We try to start with 1000 in chips and go 10/20 blinds and raise them ever 15 or 20 minutes.

          Gah, I hate buy backs. Good ideas though guys