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Japanese carmakers still kicking the butts of American carmakers

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    Originally posted by y2cragie
    To be fair though trying to compair anything to the SLR isnt fair in terms of 0-60, the SLR is quite a heavy car. I think i said i liked the new GT hell i can actually fit in this one without the door roof trying to take off my head If they have done something with the Corvette its about time. Otherwises its been an overpriced mediocre sports car. And the SLR and Porsche can do alot more than the 206 stated, if i remember rightly the SLR tops out at 218 and porsche at 216. Only a little slower than the 220 of the Enzo and XJ220. I think the GT did a 215 in one test. Its a hell of a car for a fraction of the price of a Hypercar.
    Everything I've read on the Vette has the same conclusion:
    Chevrolet Corvette $49,905
    Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2003, the Corvette is anything but a has-been. Since its 1997 debut, the fifth-generation Corvette -- C5 to the faithful -- has restored the car's reputation as the world's best sports car for the money, period.
    And for those who like 4 bangers....
    Dodge SRT-4
    Japan has dominated the affordable pocket rocket game, but they've just had their doors blown off by the SRT-4. As Dodge promised, the Neon-based SRT-4 is the fastest car you can buy for under $20,000. This 215-horsepower terror can accelerate quicker than a Nissan 350Z or Porsche Boxster, top 150 mph, gobble curves, and bring it all to a quick, drama-free stop. Its Viper Jr. front bodywork is matched by a strep-throat exhaust roar that'll have your street rivals reaching for excuses.
    Sayounara imports!