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Ever physically react to a dream?

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    Originally posted by Javalon
    I've been watching a lot of vampire related movies and TV shows recently. Last night, I ended up having a dream about a vampire attacking me (big surprise) that felt extremely real. At one point, the vampire had a hand on my shoulder and was pushing my head to the side, he bared his fangs and was bending in to bite my neck. That was when I woke up with a yell and actually slapped my neck and was surprised when there wasn't a vampire's head there.

    I just found it freaky that my dream affected me so much that I physically reacted to it that way. Anything like that happen to any of you?

    It wasn't Spike was it?


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      I've had dreams where I'd slip or fall im my dream, then try to catch myself and wake up moving all around. This one time when I was married I drempt that some guy was trying to fight my wife and kids and I slugged him and I ended up punching my wife in my sleep. It's wierd cuz when I try to fight in my dreams I can't throw a's like my arms are too weak to fight

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