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Whats the dumbest thing you have done

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  • Whats the dumbest thing you have done

    I have done some pretty dumb things, but when i think about it probably throwing water bombs at cars was pretty stupid especially on a main highway. Egging one of my School teachers house was pretty dumb aswell
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    Starting a puddle of gasoline on fire in the middle of town while drinking with 3 minors. Nothing says, "Come bust my stupid ###!!!" like an illegal fire. Luckily for me and my other legal aged buddy, and the three minors as well, the cops were feeling particularly generous and didn't cite any of us. Just made the minors leave and made us clean up the mess.

    What did I learn?

    When burning a puddle of gasoline, it is best to do it in the country where no one can see it!


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      I rod inside a persons closed trunk, with a head full of LSD... Nearly gave myself a heart attack... The person driving was also tripping (not smart)... After about 15-20 I demanded that we stop and let me out... I didn't care were I was, I was going to walk. And I did, but it was better than being in the trunk...


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        I was at a college football game a few months back and of course I was drinking heavily. I was coming down from the stands and decided to ride the railing down the stairs. I got on it and immediately lost my balance and started to fall back. There was a net there that slowed my descent and luckily a guy was walking by at the time. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me back. I would've fallen probably 30 feet onto the concrete, and needless to say that sobered me up quite a bit. Luckily the Man upstairs was keeping an eye on me.

        Another stupid thing I did was shoot a golf ball with a 3 man slingshot into a water park. It went so high that when it hit the concrete it bounced probably 40 feet. Definitely could've seriously injured or possibly killed someone. Amazing the things you do when you're a kid
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          I played on the golf team my last two years in college. We had practice at this driving range twice a week, so I would steal a couple dozen range balls every time I went. Sometimes in the middle of the night when I had been drinking, I'd get a few friends and just hit balls off this hill into the town. Good times, but not smart.


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            for me i was in kindergarden i put my hand in a girl's draws and i said where is ur wangdewang (johnson).

            i tried to do a backflip and landed on my head.

            i asked the teacher what was masterbation in 5th grade

            i was running around in my yard acting like terrell davis in 1998 and tried to run over stuff i had ran in to a car and i got hit by car in the street broke leg and ribs lol

            those crazy old days


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              I walked down Main St after bar time with a drink in my hand, and then flagged a cop down and asked if they would like a drink. After that I decided to take a piss right on the street!!!!! Thank god for small towns!!!!


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                Well, I bought my daughter a Mustang on Friday. We'll see............

                I used to shoot golf balls from my parents backyard when I was a kid. We lived at the top of a hill, so I could get good tragectory. One day, a cop came by and asked if we had any golf clubs. I told him my dad didnt play golf and never, ever did it again!! Whew!


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                  Junior in HS. We parked down at the bottom of the hill in Morrison, and walked up the curviest, windingest, steepest road in the state, to get to the Amphitheatre at Red Rocks to see Stephen Stills. Great concert we saw, me and my HS buds. Charlie Ajasaki had moved here from Japan at 7, Don Cardinale was a senior and stood 6 ft 4 inches, and myself. It was 1975. Everybody sported long hair, and the smell of burning rope filled the air.

                  After the show, among the crowd that spilled out, we began our trek down the hill. Cars slowly, very slowly, snaked their way down beside us all, slower than our own long legged gait. A battleship, better known as a Ford LTD, cruised next to us, full of freaks, brothers of the braids.
                  "Jump on for a ride!" the driver called out. Don, Charlie and I all jumped up on the huge trunk, like dogs exhibiting a Pavlovian response. A couple then followed suit, he landed squarely and securely, she backed up to the moving bumper, and launched aboard, landed facing back wards as she had planned.

                  Unbeknownst to us, the traffic ahead had way cleared out. Less than a second after chickie had landed aboard the U.S.S. Overloaded Motherbutler, the driver goosed it and the lumbering vehicle was suddenly a hurtling beastie! Chickie slid off of the trunk, facing backwards, landed her ass on the pavement, the momentum slapped her body backwards into the ground, and we four HEARD her skull crack, or at least it sure sounded like that! Boyfriend bailed, tumbled, and we disapearred around the first of many very scary curves. This one was to the left, centrifugal force pushed us all hard right!

                  I had been around and seen the hamburgr face and broken arm of Dave Cordova after he fell from a moving car up at the old Castlewood Dam. I grew frightened.

                  We three buds, we gripped what little of anything we could. We were prone on our bellies, the rodeo was on, and the laughter began from the inside of our nightmare bronc. As the grade steepened, we quickly scrambled to the top of the vehicle of destruction. I was on the left, gripping the tiny metal rain gutter for all I was worth. Charlie mirrorred my position on the right, though I dared not glance over there. Between us, my blessedly tall friend Don was prone, on his belly like us, with his outstretch arms over our backs, his wingspan gripping us, as we gripped the tiny rain gutter with our outside hand. We got positioned like this in the blink of an eye, way quicker than it took me to describe it.

                  Lickety split, the cruiser headed into the 2nd, right handed curve, and fast! Dude goosed it, and then was forced to brake to stay on the road! As the centrifugal force pushed me over the edge, with Don gripping my shirt, suddenly I feel Charlie grab my belt! The car straightened momentarily, and I scrambled back into position. Immediatly, the next curve shoved me into Don, my wheight pushing him into Charlie! I got ahold of Charlies belt, and gave it my all to pull on that rain gutter for all I was worth. Like I said, this mile long road is the curviest, stepest around. Curve again, flying through the next one, all the time those bastards laughing their asses off. The terrain was way rough, and they never slowed enough to jump, we were stuck. I yelled out into the wind "Right turn, Charlie, hold on tight!" I hear Don scream out "I will NEVER do this again!"

                  Halfway down, a new dimension to our dilemma. I suddenly feel somebody PEELING my fingers away from the tiny rain gutter! It became a game of let go, then grab ahold over here, right at the moment of nescesitty. Then they would pull on my fingers, I'd fight to hang on, the curve would straighten, I'd let go. On the other side, I heard Charlie yell "Oh My God" as he obviously was forced to deal with the same crap. Grab, hold, move it, cling, move it, grab. Hang onto Charlies belt. Skitter back into place after every harrowing gyration of the vehicle as it plunged and twisted ever downward. Suddenly, we caught up to traffic, the car slowed, we immediatly bailed. The bigger ,older dudes inside whooped. As we beat feet away, I heard one of 'em congratulate us.

                  That was the last time I stupidly ever rode a car. A chick up in Fort Collins died doing the same a few months ago, the driver is charged with vehicular homicide.

                  If I was a cat, I sure have used up most of my lives, damn skippy!
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                    I am serious! Somebody owes me a story!
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                      Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE
                      I am serious! Somebody owes me a story!
                      Driving back home totally drunk ...
                      I realized the day after (or may be 2 days after.... I was really drunk) that I could have killed anyone like that... Hopefully I was near home... But it's definitively a real dumb thing to do... I apologize... (Do you think OBie will have to BITE me ? LOL)...
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                        Those are nothing

                        I tried stopping a car with a rope

                        i tied a rope to a tree and i held on to the other end pulled the rope tight right when the car drove by

                        whew that was the worst 15 yards of my life

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                          The dumbest thing I've done was replying to this thread j/k

                          I'd have to say the dumbest thing I've ever done was take drugs.

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                            Stupid, yet Cool

                            Yesterday morning, I spotted a Coke-a-Cola on the counter. I hopped off the computer, but noticed it was hot. I decided to put it in the freezer so it can cool off, and I can drink it faster. I was gonna leave it in there for just 10 minutes, then check on it to see if it was cool enough to drink. I got back on Broncomania, and started posting. I went to all of the various sites i'm on. My mom got home on her lunch break, so me and my cousin went on a bike ride. My mom took a nap, like she always does. Anyways, I kept running back in and out playing XBOX, then riding bikes, then getting on the computer. Later yesterday night, I was playing XBOX when my dad heard a POP! He opened the fridge and saw that the Coke, which I was gonna get out earlier that morning, had blown up. Boy, was it awesome. Coke flavored Ice Cream.


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                              I hit a dog on my bike......... broke my elbow...... put my sports career in jeporday.