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What were/are you like in high school?

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    Originally posted by Broncology
    Why does this matter? It's still good to know we have people who feel the need to "label" -- pathetic.

    I think it was suppose to be a conversation starter. Maybe you were the same as me in high. If so, we could converse about it. I think you might be taking this the wrong way, but then again, I'm not BBJ and I hardly mean him, so it could be.


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      Originally posted by Broncology
      Why does this matter? It's still good to know we have people who feel the need to "label" -- pathetic.

      As much as we'd like it to, this will never change.

      People will be labeled for all eternity.


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        A nerdy jock (basketball)? I didn't vote for either.

        I didn't really hang with either clique though.

        And I was in marching band in the fall, and theater in the spring, so I was all over the place.

        Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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          Definatly a jock, Rugby League, Cricket, Soccer, very little swimming, hang out with all type of kids mainly other jocks though, im still at high school im in my final year. Lets just say teachers will be gald to see me finish, i am a pest i know i am a pest and have been suspeneded 3 times, 2 fights and abusing a teacher who would not let me buy my lunch. We all wear the same clothes since we have to wear a uniform, the colours are so depressing, white and grey for seniors, blue and grey for juniors
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            I smoked both regular & left handed cigs in middle school & freshman year. I was a much meaner guy in those days than I am now (I even changed later in hs). I was bad, I bullied people from time to time. Nobody ever bullied me, well, one guy tired, but immediatly backed down when I stepped up. One of my friends dad called me Eddie Haskel, cuz all the teachers & parents thought I was great, but the kids really knew what I was like. Basicly, everybody knew everybody in my school. When I joined wrestling in my sophmore year, I cut down drasticly on smoking, I changed as a person... I stopped picking on people. Me and my girlfriend were prince & princess our Junior year. Senior year, she was pregnant, so we didn't get as many votes , but I was glad for my wrestling partner & the class prez who won king & queen senior year (they were also valadictorian & salutitorian). When I run into people who I felt I did wrong to as a young teen, I appolagize, They always say they forgive me, but I feel some of them still dispise me for some of the things I did. Growing up, I'd pick on this one guy all the time, and now I'm great friends with his younger bro. His bro says the past is the past, but I still feel bad when I see his older brother, cuz he got the worst of it.

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              I was a very odd ball in high school. I played basketball, volleyball, and softball. I did not get very good grades (good enough to keep me in sports) and I aslo played in band. I hung aroung the stoners, the loner, the preppies, and the gothics. I really don't know if i was well liked in school. I guess I never really paid attetion to it. There was only one girl that I could honestly say was my true friend through out high school and she was my next door neighbor. I had a really bad crush on this guy that was one grade ahead of me. I use to bug him about wearing his letter jacket untill he got tired of me asking all the time. By my sophomore year I got tired of all the politics of my school, (If you did not have the clothes, hair, or the right family name, you were not cool.) I dropped out and got my GED. I have not spoken to anyone from my time in high school. It would be nice to be able to see how they are all doing. Expecilly my high school crush!


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                Originally posted by Big Bad John
                I hung out with stoners, had friends who were nerds, goths, geeks and preps but fit in best with the jocks. I was not a true jock in the sense that I smoked cigarettes. I was voted the class clown. I was also voted the most likely to start a full-scale riot by flaring his left nostril.
                I pretty much got along with everybody, except for the Preps. These were the rich, student government type. I was suspended 3 times, all in-school suspensions which were kind of nice because you could finish the work that you have been meaning to.
                My grades were crap, because I did absolutely zero homework and fooled around in class. I always tested great though.
                What were/are you like in high school?
                i was the popular, gangster/gothic kid that everyone knew and im still the guy most of my friends and co workers wana hang around. i throw all the kisk @$$ partys, who wouldnt wana hang around me? lol


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                  I (as a freshman now) am a jock with the love for all sports but also the preppy clothing style.. I like to dress nicely with good American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie clothes. But i dont fall in line with the cliche about those kinds of guys. I accept everyone for who they are and never pick on anyone. Im a nice guy who does stuff for people.

                  Thats the Zach ******* story of his freshman year