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Grand Canyon Here We Come

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  • Grand Canyon Here We Come

    The Chevy was just serviced (45,000 miles), the trailers packed and were ready for our spring break. This is our first outta state trip with our new Outback (trailer).
    Ive been getting it ready all week, the kids are stoked, and even Luke (our lab) knows theres something going on. Ive been to the Grand Canyon, but it was decades ago. Should be a good trip. See ya'all in a week or so..
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    Don't forget your blankee!!!

    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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      Thanks folks. Ill try to post a pic or 2 once were back..


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        Have a good trip horsebreath Hey, are you gonna take a horseback ride down to the canyon floor?

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          No horseback, but we may take a plane tour Uula Beer.


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            Yeah, hope you have a great time safe

            I've yet to make it out there, but hopefully I will be able to one day.
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              If you plan on getting there via I-40 through New Mexico and all, there's this little McDonalds in Grants, NM... Whatever you do, don't eat there!!! You won't make it to Holbrook w/o blowing chunks first...™
              This space for rent


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                Ill be coming from the other direction, but thanks anyway..
                lakewood ca...