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  • Moving to El Paso

    I'm moving to Ft Bliss in a few days. Can anyone tell me anything about the area, things to do, cost of living, crime rate, and stuff like that?

    made by Snk16

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    Ummm, it's in Texas....and they make a fine line of Taco and Tortilla products there..
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      El PaSo TeXaS?? I am so sorry.
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        El Paso is not a bad place, gets pretty darn hot though, and dry and dusty, and windy at times. Good food though, if you like spicy texmex type stuff and steaks.

        The farther east you get, toward the mountain and away from the river, the nicer it is and safer. Down near the river (which for those of you who are geographically challenged is the border between Texas and Mexico) can be pretty rough and the poverty of a lot of the folks is pretty depressing.

        Head north into New Mexico and you'll find Las Cruces which is not that interesting on the whole, but there is a little town about 30 minutes north called Hatch that is the Chili pepper capital of the world. Go to the festival, you'll eat way too much and meet some really interesting people. Farther east is Silver City that is worth spending a Saturday or Sunday on - interesting history of the old west and the mining culture. If you like wine, there is also a neat little winery just east of Demming - last place you'd look for a winery as it is in the middle of a great big desert valley. If you go, try the port - I'm not a big port drinker, but this stuff is very good, sits on your tongue like butterscotch, with a big, but mellow flavor and nice long finish.

        South out of El Paso gets you into some greener country - if you like the outdoors, you'll love that part of west Texas.

        I'm sure the folks at Bliss can hook you up with some nightlife or whatever else you like to do. Lastly, you will likely find some fellow Bronco fans - New Mexico and west Texas has quite a few - they tend to not like Dallas out there although the Texans may be generating some interest as that franchise develops.

        Did I mention hot? It can get pretty hot. Hot, hot, hot. Drink water, lots of water...

        No, don't live there, and never have. But traveled there for work a lot about two years ago.

        Good luck!


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          Thanks for the info

          made by Snk16