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Tragedy strikes swiftly, suddenly, and permanently!

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  • Tragedy strikes swiftly, suddenly, and permanently!

    So, Donna's best gal pal, she all the time is inviting us to barbeques, we spent X-Mass with her family one year, and so on. The American Way.

    Gal Pal has a brother with 17 year old twins. Sweet young lady and her non identical brother. Thing is, Gal Pal has twins two years older, boy and girl, a year out of Highschool. Tight family. Imagine how tight those twin cousins are?

    My details are sketchy, so forgive me.

    Last night, the girl twin of Gal Pal's brother was kicked out of a party. The exact word I heard was "belligerant". This si so unlike the sweet, petite young lady I met before. In any case, she got behind the wheel, despite everything any body in her life ever told her about Drinkin' and Drivin'. After an emotional, wild ride, her lone passenger ordered her to stop. She did. He got out, and as he was walking around to get her and the keys... off she goes.

    The tree has glass imbedded in it. The car split in two. Young, 17 year old girl twin, with a whole lifetime of awesome experiences and opportunities in front of her... she was thrown from the car, and died upon impact.

    No do overs. No safeties. No place backs.

    Donna got the call at 7:00 AM. She is still with Gal Pal. Today they have been with twins Dad, and the rest of the family.

    They have been to the Morgue, to identify the body.
    They have been to the Salvage Yard to see the 2 pieces of car.
    They have been to the Tree.

    They have been to HELL.

    If there was ever a reason for any single one of us here on BroncoMania, to make a clear cut choice never to Drink and Drive again... old PAINTER just gave you one more!

    I am so fortunate. I can NOT even imagine the pain that foolish young womans father, mother, twin brother, cousins...etc... must be going through.

    Change is constant in our lives. Your reality might seem stagnent... truth is, it can turn on a dime!

    Want honesty? Deep down, when the call came, I was relieved it was not my boy Trevor. HS Senior. Tommorrow is the prom, today is Senior Ditch Day. Way selfish, huh? Why do I feel like I dodged a bullet?
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    Wow Dave! Bummer......................................


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      Originally posted by JWinn
      Wow Dave! Bummer......................................

      I know! It seems like just when I have plenty of material to write a book...


      I get more.

      Like I said , Change is constant.

      Thanks for the commiseration. JWinn, I know your little gal would never do something stupid like that, but be sure to tell her the story, to reinforce her good sense.
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        God i feel sorry for the guy twin. If i read correctly, he was the passenger wasnt he? The bond between twins is unfathomable, so when one is lost... the boy has got to be devestated. And how can he help but think "if only i had gotten around the car to get the keys a little faster..." or perhaps "why did i let her drive in the first place?" I can't imagine what the kid is going through. Someone needs to reinforce to him that it is not his fault.

        By the way, if i read wrong and he wasnt the passenger, disregard the latter part of the post...
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          That is horrible dave....I am so sorry. It's amazing that in this day and age when everyone knows what drinking and driving can cause that it still happens but then again when you are that drunk noone can reason w/ you. But again that is an absolutely horrible chain of events....My hearts out for you are yours bro.
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          Thanks SNK16


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            Thanks Nob. Thanks Boo.

            Nob, twin was not the passenger, but your sentiment is still accurate!

            It is not me that is twisting in pain, but thanks anyway.

            I simply wanted to give every broncomaniac one more reason to crawl under a rock and sleep it off rather than drive!
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              Wow. I had forgotten all about this.
              Just wow.

              That was a LIFETIME ago....
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                Been so long, but never too late to express condolences... Sad story, may she rest in peace, and may those who have seen this story learn the lesson behind it... Every decision we make forever alters our future... Don't let something stupid be the last decision you make.
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