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List all the vehicles you have gone through

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  • List all the vehicles you have gone through

    1964 Ford Comet... It was 1974. Marty was sitting shotgun when I crashed.

    1969 Chevy Caprice... It was 1975. Marty was sitting shotgun when I crashed.

    (Both times Marty said afterwards that he saw it coming, but that since I was such a skilled driver, he assumed I was simply trying to scare him! Both times he never said a word. Both stories are hellacious!)

    For the next year, I walked EVERYWHERE. I was afraid to get in a car. I walked miles and miles every day, I even stopped hitchhiking. I would not even get in a car to go out to dinner with my folks, I was so terrified after that last horrendous crash.

    I graduated High School 29 years ago today, May 28th, 1976. The next day there was a woodsy down at Deckers with about 200 people. My bud Kelly and his older Bro kevin set up and their band played that night. Nearly half of us stayed right through the 2nd night. I had finaly gotten into a car, in order to get there. I took my future ex-wife Debbie. Our tent was sh-sh-sh-shakin' all weekend!
    Right now, I could name at least 100 of those people. A year ago, Miss Donna and I threw a party and among the wild guests, I bet 40 of them were at that woodsy. Miss Donna escorted me to my 20th year reunion, it rocked! I can hardly believe my 30th year reunion is a year away!

    That week after I graduated, and finaly rode in a vehicle again, I took my savings of $100.00 , and found an awesome Pickup truck. My Pa cosigned a loan of $600.00 for me, and for $700.00 I bought a ...

    1950 Ford F-1 Pickup... Flathead V-8 and it was solid like a Sherman tank! (1976)

    1971 Toyota Celica... My 1st wife took that one.

    4 years and one divorce later, my truck with 350,000 original miles, was torched and exploded. I was dating a blonde beauty named Carol who was a lead singer in a Rock and Roll band. Her High School boyfriend, whom she had not seen for 2 years, was stalking her, and for some reason he did not like me! Go figure! The Firemen told me when the windows burst, the truck exploded. The aluminum Holly carbeurator melted into the intake manifold! I damn near cried. I had planned to park that truck in my brothers garage, and keep it forever!

    My ex and I sold the house we bought back in happier days.

    Right after that, Sport and I built a flatbed trailer into a small house, the front half serving as Sports crib, and in the back half we stowed our twin 360 Yamaha Enduros. Light for the street, and legal, but a little heavy for the dirt. The back wall of the trailer dropped down as a ramp for our little "garage". We pulled it with an old Dodge van with a rebuilt motor and tranny. I lived in the back of the van. We had a solar shower (but half the time we simply poured hot water into it!) and we hit the road. From Denver we stopped to do some work outside of Grand Junction on my Uncles ranch, where he still uses my Grandpa's brand... the diamond lazy Y. When we left there, it took a year to go from Sacramento to San Fransisco to LA to San Diego to Phoenix to Albequerque and then back to Denver. We had left Denver the day Ronald Reagan was elected President. 1980. That trip is worth a few chapters in my book!

    1971 Dodge Tradesman Van... That is what I got when I came home. 1981.
    Drove a forklift for a year. Then got the most fun job I ever had- Bartender!

    1976 Toyata Celica... I called it my Japanese Mustang. I loved that little car.
    Put it into a ditch up skiing at Keystone, long story. Thought it was totaled.

    1980 Honda Prelude... Then the insurance company fixed my Celica!
    I was a stylin' Bartender, sportin' two 5 speeds!

    Bought and sold about 5 Motorcycles... no Harleys, sorry Charley!

    Sold everything, eventually. Started College at Metro State.

    1987 Brand new Suzuki Samurai - $7,000.00, In 1990, when SuzyQ fell apart...

    1982 Ford F-100 pickup, then...

    1992 Ford F-150 pickup, now...

    2003 Ford F-150 pickup.

    The end.
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    All the cars so far I have owned....

    1973 Ford Bronco,
    1970 Ford Mustang Fastback, (project)
    1972 Ford Bronco,
    1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, (project)
    1968 Chevy Camaro,
    1937 Chevy Tudor Sedan (junker)
    1938 Chevy Coupe (project)
    1985 Ford F-150
    1980 Chevy Pickup
    1993 Geo Metro
    1984 Toyota Pickup
    1985 Jeep Cherokee
    1984 Toyota Pickup
    1967 Chevy Chevelle
    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (parts for the 99)

    That's all I can think of up till now..

    1998 GMC Sonoma
    1965 Ford Mustang Fastback (future project)


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      Dude that is an impressive list!
      - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

      Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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        1) 65 Triumph spitfire
        2) 70 MGB-GT
        3) 65 GTO (convertable)
        4) 71 landcruiser(moved to CO)
        5) 51 chevy P.U.
        6) 65 chevy carry-all wagon(moved to San Antonio)
        7) 64 dodge p.u. short bed( good work truck)
        8) 65 GMC p.u. ( met my wife in '82, the following "new" vechicles went to her, while I still had my "old" truck)
        9) '86 Dodge
        10)'94 Jeep cherokee ( moved to CA in '88)
        11) sold my 65 Gmc ( my father-in-law gave mr his '71 dodge p.u. sweptline......26,000 original miles....he retired 1n 71 from PG&E.....used the truck for fishing at a lake 5 miles away and going to K-Mart to buy power bait for fishing......he started losing his sight and the truck sat for many years)
        12) '02 Dodge Quad cab 4x4 ........Its my baby......wife says its my last vechicle.....just turn 25,000 on it
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          None yet. But I will go through a couple atleast.


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            1983 mercury Zepher (the years was 1998, the car was made the same year I was) It was baby blue and could fit a million people in it...

            1995 Pontiac Sunbird

            1996 Chevy Berretta

            1995 GMC Jimmy

            2003 Pontiac Grand Am (current)


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              69 Ford Ranger
              72 Ford F-150
              79 VW Rabbit
              83 Cadi Sedan De ville
              95 Ford Escort
              01 Jeep Sport

              The one I still have:
              57 Chevy Bel Air
              03 Durango
              04 Jeep Wrangler

              I was signed for a M1 Tank when I was a Tanker.

              made by Snk16


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                '79 buick regal
                '84 toyota pickup
                '84 toyota corolla ova - call this because i rolled it.
                '86 VW Sarocco(sp?)
                '92 Grand Am
                '66 Ford LTD - paid $400 and it was my favorite car ever.
                '98 Jeep Cherokee
                '00 Grand Am
                '96 Deville

                i have a very strong itch to sell the caddy and buy either a '66 Ford thunderbird or a '91 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

                i have been driving for 16 years and have had 9 cars. even though i have loved most of these cars i just seem to have a problem sticking with one.


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                  Haven't owned a car and I don't plan to until after college.


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                    Can't remember now. They've all been confiscated by the ATF (or the DEA--now which one took the cars, and which one took the . . . ? )



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                      1967 Plymouth Fury. Vroom!

                      1979 Toyota Carona - no, that is not a typo. It's a Carona.

                      1990 Ford Ranger.

                      198something Yamaha 650 Heritage Special.

                      That's it. I never hurt the motorcycle in any way, and eventually sold it. The Carona died out. I sold the Plymouth in really solid condition with no harm to it.

                      I totalled the ranger, which oddly was my favorite of the whole group. I flipped it at least three times while going off a cliff on Kenosha Pass, and ripped the axels from the frame and the frame from the shell. I hit hard enough to break the wheels (not tires, wheels - which are solid steel) in half against a concrete aquaduct. That little sucker was so damn tough that I managed to get away with 40 some odd stitches in the head and a bit of glass that took a couple of years to work out. I didn't even get knocked out - and no other significant damage of any type. God I loved that truck.

                      Currently I own a 1989 Ford F-150 and a 1968 Pontiac GTO.


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                        too many to list.....currently i drive a 1997 isuzu rodeo...4X4...I love the 4X4 part I use it all the time, my first 4X4. Now I just need some mudders!
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                          2000 Hyundai Elantra - my parents... but i drive it

                          1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee....... MY JEEP BABY!


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                            Arctic Cat "Kitty Kat" (sno-go or snowmobile for non-Alaskans) for Christmas frmo my grandpa when I was 5, I think that was sold or given away when I was too big for it 2 years later.

                            Ski-doo "Tundra" (another sno-go) when I was in the 6th grade, my grandpa traded one if his dogs for it with a friend and gave it to me. I rode it for two years and don't know whatever happened to it

                            Yamaha 200 (three wheeler) I don't know where my grandpa got it from, but he gave it to me (prob traded a dog for it). I was in middleschool for that one, prob 13. it eventually succomed to my hard riding a year later.

                            Polaris 400 (sno-go) I used monies that I won from a dog race for the down payment (my grandpa chipped in a little for the down payment too) and my mom made the monthly payments for me. I just turned 14 before I got it. I rode it till I was 17 before selling it.

                            1991 Chevy 2500 that my grandpa let me ride all throughout highschool. I started taking it to school after I got my license. He bought it new but he lived at camp so I got to cruise it when I got my learners permit when I turned 14. My mom took it over after I graduated and got married.

                            1984 Toyota p/u I bought it in 94 from a guy who bought it from my dad. Crusied it for about three years before selling it.

                            1995 or 96 Yamaha 600 (sno-go) Bought it brand new and rode it to death in four years time.

                            1984 or 85 it's still unclear Chevy K-5 Blazer that I bought in 2000 from my friend. I still have it today. I've been meaning to post a pic of it with the top off, I remember there was a post a pic of your ride a couple of months ago. I just havent gotten around to finding the pic.

                            My next ride will prob be a Toyota Element, I want something that's good on gas.
                            I also wanna get a Chevy p/u for hauling stuff.
                            In the next year or two I'll be getting a little boat that I can go fishing with.
                            In the next 5 years I wanna get an airplane, some of you may remember the pic I had posted about a year ago, a Cessna 180.
                            Oneday I'd like to get a Corvette too, not sure when that's gonna be though, maybe after my kids graduate (7 more years).

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                              Bought a '83 Chevy Citation that never actually ran... I drove it around the yard and it broke...only paid $100 for it so what the hey...

                              '87 Mustang II, this was the single most gutless piece of garbage that I have ever was a 5 speed standard...I had to take big hills in 2nd gear...It threw a rod and I junked it...paid $400 for that thing

                              '84 Ford Ranger, for $100 it ran for a whole year and got me back and forth to work...then the timing belt went and she perished...

                              '90 Plymouth Acclaim...paid $2K for it...sweet little car, had alot of ran for almost 3 years...traded her in for the one I drive now..

                              '97 Plymouth Breeze...was my first experience with making payments on a car...I had zero credit when I bought her and got raked over the coals...another gutless piece of crap...but, she gets me where I have to go...
                              I've walked these streets, a loaded six-string on my back, I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back, I've been everywhere still I'm standin' tall, I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all!!:salute!: