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Happy Memorial Day

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    Originally posted by Orange_Crush21
    Speaking as a member of the armed forces I want to thank you all for your kind words. It is always encouraging to know that, even in these controversial times, we have your support here in the United States. I can speak for almost all service members when I say that the support is extremely appreciated and uplifting. Have a great Memorial Day.

    There are 3 groups of service personnel that are by far underpaid. US Service mene and women. Your local police and firemen and last but not least public school teachers.

    I served in the Silent Service during Viet Nam, spent most of my time based out of Philly and New London CN. Even with hazard pay if I would have been married someone would have starved on what I made.

    My hats off to all of you that serve our great nation.


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      well guys im a vet and you are all are welcome just give a moment of silent for our follow teammates thats died


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        I'm sure you delayed in moving this thread because of its nature.

        Thank you for that.



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          My belated thanks and appreciation to all those who have sacrificed, and are sacrificing for my freedom and that of my family.

          Kudos to Youdos!
          - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

          Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!