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  • Classmates with funny names...

    I attended middle-school with an Elvis Presley and a Michael Jackson...

    There was a Brad Pitt in our High school but I never met him...

    Elvis was from Thailand...I have to surmise that mom and dad were big fans...

    Michael Jackson ended up getting arrested for something...not touching little kids though...

    Brad Pitt was definitely not a ladies man...

    I'm sure that you guys had classmates with funny names...lets hear some...
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    Dang Dang - Dang....

    Nallely Jaramillo - Everyone calls her Nelly

    Rebecca Peacock - speaks for itself

    My sisters friends name is
    Chunky Redcorn lol


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      We had a Tom Crews.

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        I used to work with a guy named Richard Head.............


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          I work with a guy named Paul Bernardo. Not sure if americans are familiar with the name, but he (the paul in jail) is pretty much canada's most notorious rapist/serial killer/really messed up stuff doer. In hindsight, i should probalby take his name off my resume....

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            I know a Paul Richards...

            CPs to the person that gets why that's funny.


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              There was a girl in my class named "Nichole Nichols"...not sure why anybody would do the double-name thing to their kid, but I will say she was good looking and had a nice set of credentials.

              One of my friend's name is "Scott Gard" which leaves the gate open for the nick-name "Scotch Gard".


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                I had gym with a girl name Nicole Moorehead and art class with a guy named Wong Hung Low! I cant remember that many right now but Im sure there was alot more.


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                  I work at a preschool so I know a lot of names but the funniest has to be this kid named Chief. Yeah his real name is just Chief. I asked the mom how she picked his name and she told me it was because his grandpa was native american.
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                    How could I forget?!?!

                    One of our gym teachers was Coach Sock...his first name was Jim.

                    "The Gagne T-shirt jersey comes with a complimentary can of gasoline and a set of matches."


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                      Oh yeah, I had a gym teacher in elementry school named Adrianna Booty, and yes she had one!


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                        I knew a kid named D-ck Small, hehe. Then he moved away.


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                          I know of a George George, and a Johnson Johnson. One of my friends name is Ray Schaeffer, sometimes called "Way Safer" There was a guy who worked at the Red Dog mine named Richard Little. There's some others, but I can't think of them right now.

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                            my last name is rector.

                            there are a lot of names for that: my cousins name is ricky rector: sticky rectum

                            i dont have anyone in my schools though. except for katie pitsch, when you say it, it sounds like katie b****.
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                              Derek Clapton
                              Coach "Dirty" Sanchez was arrested for sexual assault.
                              And a friend of mine is named Timothy McVain.
                              There was an Osama in my kindergarten class.
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