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    If you take urine from a small kitten(don't ask me works) and mix it with gold fish food.....mix it until it becomes a paste......take the non-lit end and dab it in the mixture........I guarentee you will not want to finish a third cig.....try and hold the smoke for as long as you can.....Please, don't thank me....oh yeah, almost forgot. keep a hot flame under it all don't want it to run........
    "Go away kid, you bother me"....W.C. Fields


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      Keep up the good work guys!


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        I was at summer school today... Ive just got one thing to finish up before they let me graduate . Anyway we walked to the public library just down the block, and about 4 or 5 people light up thier cigs on the way. We had just started school monday and i guess you could say that first impressions are still being made. The sight of seeing them smoking totally changed the way i thought of them. It really made me think about "big tobacco companies" and how they really have influenced our culture.
        When i saw them smoking honestly i didnt think much of it, but i did sub-conchesly (sp? lol) think that they were maybe "cooler" cause they smoked, or "more interesting." Does knowing that somebody smokes make you think differently of them?
        I remeber as a little kid my parents telling me all the reasons why not to smoke, and after hearing the health issues etc. i was perplexed and asked why would anyone want to smoke?
        I think they said something like " i dont know, maybe they think it makes them cool."
        Im pretty sure most smokers started because of peer pressure, even if they wont admit it. It just amazes me how well the advertising for smokeing is. Anyway what are everyones thoughts on this?

        I have nothing against smokers btw.


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          wow i didnt notice the other smoking thread above, somone must have bumped it. Maybe we could combine them.


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            Originally posted by I OrangeCrush I
            Does knowing that somebody smokes make you think differently of them?
            I do, but just with chics. I could care less if a guy smokes. It doesn't make me think any different of them. But when I see a chic smoking, they automatically drop 2 notches. That's one thing I can't stand. But that's just me.


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              smoking is bad trust me


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                We all have your back!!!!