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    So.... as you grow older, your life changes. You become Big Daddy Cool and you be taking care of everybody! Then your sport changes ,too!

    Soon you become a master at SPREADING PAINT with no runs, drips, or errors!
    Then you aquire the skill to actually LAY TILE! This includes the floor prep with cement board, as a subfloor! Soon you are SETTING CABINETS and installing SINKS and TOILETS. You win the overall in the GUT THE BATHROOM ENTIRELY event!

    One Saturday Afternoon, the opportunity arises, and on that day... you become...
    A Garage Warrior! Clear it all out. $150.00 each in less than 2 hours. And in the junk there was some cool "keeper" stuff!

    That is how I play sports!

    So all you young pups! Sit up and take notice!

    Go to College right after Highschool! Get 'er done!

    Become a success at what you love, but become successfull early, and invest!

    Then you will have the time to pursue sports forever.

    Work hard now, retire early!

    It sucks the other way around!
    - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

    Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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      Golf. Although my game blows as of late.