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High School memories....

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  • High School memories....

    I could not figure out any other place to post this, so I did it here...It seemed the place to discuss such a thing...

    I played football in High school when I was a Freshman and Senior...I was a member of the Adirondack Wildcats...We played in New York State Section III, Class C...We were a much smaller school then, now Adirondack is in class B and play totally different schools than when I was in school...
    As a Freshman, football was very hard for me...I have bad knees and I didn't understand the game very much at all...times were tough...I wore #33 and I played lineman on both Offense and Defense...a pretty boring existence...
    As a Senior, I was far more astute to the game of Football and I had developed some skills in the years between...I was the same height at 6' 2" and I weighed in at around 180lbs...I wore #27 because Atwater was my man...I played Tight End on Offense, Defensive End on Defense and I was Kicker on Special teams...
    I didn't start at TE, because there were many other capable Tight Ends who were talented as I, including the Coaches son...I didn't start at DE either, because 1 end was All-State and the other was All-Class C, I was a heller at DE and I get plenty of reps in relief of those 2...I was also a "toe-kicker"...I never kicked Field goals or Extra points, just Kickoffs...I was quite erratic at kicking, but I was an awesome wedgebuster...just imagine an agile DE coming downfield after the Kickoff...
    Our Head Coach was Mr. Ventiquattro or Mr. 24 as weall called him...he was a former DB and generally called plays and coached the offense...Much respect for Mr. 24...the guy NEVER swore...He would get all riled up and scream "Judas Priest!" at the top of his lungs, but he NEVER, EVER swore..
    Mr. Millich on the other hand....was a former QB at Duke University...the guy was an absolute weightlifting monster...I mean his calves were square...this guy was well known for going off on a tirade of swearing and screaming and throwing the clipboard and jumping up and down like a 3 year old...As long as he wasn't screaming at you, he was total hillarity to watch...
    In my senior year of 1993, the Adirondack Wildcats went 8-0...We ran the wishbone offense and our defense was diabolical...
    I finihed the season with 2 Sacks and something like 8 tackles for a loss...In 4 home games we allowed less than 30 points...We finished the regular season ranked #3 in New York State for schools our size...We lost in our 1st playoff game due to having so many injured *%#@% Skanneatles

    And on a side note, we were supposed to play that playoff game in the Carrier Dome (Where Syracuse University plays) but Bruce Springsteen had a concert that weekend...
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    Reckon my biggest high school memory would have to be it was the first time I really started to discover girls and guess that memory is still with me since I still tend to discover girls everyday since.....or as much as possible


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      My sophmore year a bunch of friends and I skipped school. We got got busted and were assigned 5 days ALC (in house suspension). ALC was packed so they spit us up into two groups. Ashby, Michaels, Mosser, Mitch, and I had it together, and I got to say those were the 5 funnest days of high school I had. All I did was listen to music on my headphones and read SIs.

      I think it was our 4th day and we all had a 5 minute break after our lunch. We all went to the bathroom and Dave (another guy in ALC) pulled out a pack of smokes. Mitch bummed one off of him and told Mosser to go out by the water fountain and yell for him if a teacher was coming. The bathrooms didn't have doors on them, just a mini maze S so you coulldn't see the urinals, sink or stalls. I was taking a leak at the time and I just saw Mosser walk out the door. As soon as he disapeared Mr Leatherman walked through the door. I just remember looking at Ashby and we both started rolling. Mr Leatherman walked Dave and Mitch down the hall and they both smoked their cigs all the way to the principals office. Damn that was hilarious.

      They got suspended for 3 days.


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        My Best memory is with the first girl I ever liked. I was head over feet for her. We have since become very good friends and remain very close. I still have feelings for her to this day to.
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          My best memory..So far..Since I still have 2 years left of high school..LOL..But my best memory to date would have to be my freshman year, my very first high school football game..I was playing cornerback, and we kicked off, so we were on defense first..The very first play, I remember I was sooo nervous..I was thinking "would if this guy burns me for a TD", or "would if I miss a tackle" and then I remember the ball being hiked, and all my worries seemed to disappear..As I took my read steps, I glanced at the QB and saw him fake a hand off, and then drop back, and he looked exactly where he was goign to throw the ball, and I could read that my reciever was going to do a slant, just by the way the quarterback looked there, I read it, went in and I picked it off, I ran it all the way back to the 15 yard line, and on the very next play our QB threw a TD pass..We ended up winning the game 16-0, and ended the season 6-2..

          My parents got that intereception on tape, and man it looked soo good..It was one of those interceptions you see in the NFL or College, where the corner just steps in front of the WR and takes it to the house(only I didnt take it to the house)..LOL..

          I had another interception in that game, and I finished the game with 7 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 5 receptions on offense..


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            My best memory was all the crazy stuff me and my buddies did in high school...getting kicked out of class,being the class clowns. The cool thing about my school was on the last day of school before summer...we had a water fight and it was the teachers against the and my buddies gained up on all the teachers we didnt like


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              I went to Sheridan high school and we were a small school. I played football and basketball. My best memory was probably in basketball, when we beat a power house that we hadn't beat in 24 years or something crazy like that. We ended up winning our district championship, it was a good year.
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                In 11th grade I was in a death metal band called "defaced"... My guitarist and another friend from a different band started up a festival at our school which took place after school.

                We got like 6 bands to play and mine was the very last... After everyone played their set, we got on stage to play... For some reason or another I was wearing army pants, a wife beater, army boots and a demon masks, which was covered in blood...

                We got on and play, which we could only do 4 songs... I noticed after the 2nd song that I was playing my bass so hard that I had cut open my thumb and was bleeding all over my bass... People probably thought it was staged... At the end of the last song, we decided to break into the end of One by Metallica, which we were told we were not allowed to do, but we did anyways...

                At the start of the One song, a bunch of my friends who were sitting in the front row, got up and started moshing... then the were jumping off the stage and what
                not... My principal was so angry that tried to cut the power from us, but he didnt realize only the singer was running through the PA the rest of us were through seperate amps...

                He charged down to the stage and shut off our camera, which was filming it all and then got on stage and forced us to stop playing... We didnt get in any really trouble, but we were banned from school activities for the entire year...

                ROCK ON!!!