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    Originally posted by pikman
    "Remember Jerry, it's not a lie if you believe it to be the truth."

    George Costanza
    lol... I attended a certain government institution where the honor code is taken quite seriously. You know.... "....will not lie, cheat, steal nor tolerate those who do." Many classes and instruction on that alone... believe it or not.

    Anyway, we were taught that a lie consists of two parts. Not only does what you're saying have to be untrue, but your intent to deceive must also be present. Otherwise, it's not technically a lie... in their "book".

    What always got me about that is suppose your grandma cooks you a meal and it tastes absolutely horrible. She then asks you how you liked it. What do you do? Lie to her and tell her that it was great or break her heart with the truth that it almost made you puke.
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