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Whats your least favorite food?

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    Originally posted by Jared

    Just a seed pod really (the fruit. You cannot eat the flower, unlike it cousin, hibsicus) It's really big in Southern or "country" cooking.

    It kinda sorta tastes like eggplant. Somewhat subtle. A little chewier. Its good to add in soups, because when it breaks down in hot water, it releases its juice and thickens the soup or broth.

    Like I said, not my thing, but feel free to try it yourself and make your own decision. You can get it breaded and fried at the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain.
    Uggh, no thanks. It doesn't look that good.


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      I can't even swallow that stuff

      I hate bananas .........I hate the testure, the taste, the whole thing ..... UCKY And don't get me started on JELLO !!!!!!! I can't even swallow that stuff!


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        Any food that fits in the category of seafood.
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