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    Sounds like they're having quite a night down in Birmingham:

    Security alert closes Birmingham , England

    4 'controlled explosions' carried out on one bus, and another suspect package being investigated.
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      Glad to hear that all of the Broncomania Britts are OK, so far...

      I have my doubts that this was the work of Al-Qaida...(Whatever the spelling is)

      The say that there were no suicide bombers...I believe this is a copycat...that is more dangerous than Al-Qaida, IMO...

      Looks more like the work of ETA as was in Spain...

      No matter, it is a very sad world that we live in these days...
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        They believe it was someone from the UK that was reponsible and not anyone from overseas. It's estimated that there are around 3000 people trained by Al Quaida in the UK - makes you shudder thinking about it.


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          I went to see my girlfriend's quite nerve racking, taking the Tube through many important stations (Marylebone, Baker Street, Oxford Circus, Victoria). I guess you've got to get on with's a bit uneasy, but it was a Sunday I guess. Everything's starting to get back to normal but lots of Tube suspensions/delays.

          I'm doing work experience in Holburn next week. Marylebone -> Oxford Circus -> Holburn. It'll be edgy, but I hope it'll be ok.

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            Some special thoughts to my english friends...

            I hope you (we)'ll find those bastards ! Those bombing were bad news for all democraties !
            It seems that the english people take it like they did during WWII... With strengh and fighting spirit...
            Again, I think we'd better to fight together those cowards a$$holes !...
            May all our governements will hear that !
            I know France & England has some points of disagrement, but not about terrorism !
            Just talk slowly please... I'm French

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