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Well, I'm a volunteer Fireman...

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  • Well, I'm a volunteer Fireman...

    I just recently joined the local Volunteer Firefighting corps of my little town of Taberg...I was approved for membership last Thursday...
    I really do like to help people who are in need and plus, they will give you certification classes...
    I joined because I like to help people, it's the town that I live in and I really want to get my foot in the door in this field...
    I have been to 2 calls so far...
    The first one was last Thursday night...A 4 year old girl was having trouble breathing and dad was too inebriated to take her to the hospital...I was the 1st on the scene...having zero medical training, I kept dad company and kept daughter awake until my buddy Chris the real EMT arrived...

    I think that I was right in the middle of a debate with Alastor at 3am when I heard the whistle sounding...I threw my Broncos cap on , my pants, a T-shirt and drove to the station...The kid who sounded the whistle told me that the call came from somewhere nearby...I saw a pick-up truck parked with 4 way lights on...I took a quick jog over and sure enough, that was it...

    The second one was Saturday night at 3:15am...I know that I was here, on this site and I left again...this time it was a real fire, or so we thought...about 30 guys showed up dressed in firefighting gear and here I am in my jeans, T-shirt and Broncos hat ...
    They let me ride along to the was a burned outlet...there was smoke coming from the house...thank God it was a false alarm...
    When we returned to the station, they issued me a helmet, coat and bibs...the guys really like me 'cause I'm big...they are already fightin' over who's team I'm going to be on in the yearly competitions upcoming...I'm just glad to help and be accepted too...
    I've walked these streets, a loaded six-string on my back, I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back, I've been everywhere still I'm standin' tall, I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all!!:salute!:

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    Congrats, John!

    A very worthy and selfless sacrifice, and one that may help your career as well. Good for you, and good on you too.


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      Something to be proud of, Aaron. I do some volunteer work at the hospital, but I doubt it's anywhere as near as exciting as what you're doing.

      But I thought you were more interested in becoming a police officer, what's it gonna be?

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        Very cool!

        Yes, to repeat Alastor;

        Congrats and good for you man. You will be a fine addition to them!!


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          That's great man, I hope you have a safe experience with your firefighting work.

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            Well, I was kinda hoping that the City of Rome or County of Oneida will put me through Police starts August 8th...I surmise that I will find out one way or the other concerning either in the next 2 weeks...
            By doing so, I will be EMS trained and also trained to handle other situations...People call the Volunteer Fire Department for is technically our local Police Department as well...
            I would like to bring the assets of my Police Training to the VFD, if I can get the training...(Please,please,please)
            Until then, it is most definitely learn-as-you-go...

            Which is fine...I think on my feet very well...

            They do provide classes like CPR training and equipment oriented classes...that is really the only way that they can pay you, by providing you with even exchange in my book!

            The Chief and the hierarchy have taken a shine to me...they like what I have shown them so far...
            I've walked these streets, a loaded six-string on my back, I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back, I've been everywhere still I'm standin' tall, I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all!!:salute!:


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              Congrats man! And good luck..Be safe..


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                You will never forget that 1st call

                Congrats!! As you know I was an EMT for 10 years, very rewarding business to be involved in


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                  Congrats BBJ!


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                    Very Good Big Bad John.

                    Now you have more stories to tell all of us. Hope you enjoy it, sounds like your having fun with it so far.

                    Got to represent with the hat


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                      He's gonna need a sticker for that fireman's helmet though!!!

                      BBJ, PM me. I can help out with that!


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                        Stay safe in those fires John
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                          Buy an old HAM radio.....and hope for a storm......
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