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Who is the Best Drug Store?

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    Whew! Made it home credit card intact, something to do with being super hungry and the promise of a pizza in the oven from the hubby just before I left, another vice, food. I'm thinking that you should win an award for the "Beef Stock" incident, shows true impulse shopping genius, though you had more than enough provocation. I once spent $45.00 on a room fragrancer, that, I think horrified the hubby the most. I do the "god I'm pissed off, think I'll go shopping" thing too, works well apart from clothes shopping, that in a bad mood of course, is an unspeakable nightmare.

    And your right we should never go shopping together, I would encourage you no end! I would suggest things that you simply must buy to go with what you are already buying, etc. It could get ugly.

    I don't ebay, but now you have me thinking about checking it out a little more...which is part of the encouragement thing that I feared. And a nice ceramic olive oil bottle...hmmmmnnn...I don't have one of those....hmmmmnnnn. Have you considered heinously expensive room fragrancers?, I recommend the purchase enjoyment gained through repetitive spraying and sniffing whilst commenting "I know it was alot, but uuummmmnnn, it does smell good". (this should illicit horrified expressions from your boyf).
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      I was going to quote you in my reply - but then realized that i think we may have scared away everyone else. ooops! does no one else do this? are we alone?

      ebay is amazing. a lot is overpriced, but if you're willing to waste away large chunks of time at it (i recommend doing this at work) then you can find good deals. it's terribly exciting. but ROOM FRAGRANCE. Okay - i found this scent, Orange Nutmeg, from Crabtree & Evelyn. Loved it, bought a couple things of incense, decided it was my favorite. harmless, right? well, then a while later i go to buy more and IT'S GONE, DISCONTINUED. i fly home in a panic. over the next two days i proceed to call EVERY CRABTREE & EVELYN STORE IN THE COUNTRY. i got the last of it - incense sticks and cones, room sprays, oils, candles. when my SHIPMENTS arrived i put everything on my gigantic coffee table to organize - and my neighbor knocked on my door. she took one look inside and said "oh wow, are you selling something?" DOH! to this day i have tons of the stuff, and while i still love it, i do tend to include it in presents now, or give it away when people make any sort of comment about it. You like this scent? HERE! Take it! no really, take it! Oh, and when i went to Ireland a year later i bought more. don't ask. at that point it was just instinct. if my boyfriend had been around then he would've taken the phone away from me and locked me in a room until i found my senses. fortunately/unfortunately, i was single at the time, which would explain the inordinate amount of time i had on my hands to embark on such a massive Orange Nutmeg Hunt. sigh.

      so yeah, i know about room fragrance. i'm glad you made it home without the rustling of bags!! pizza is a good incentive. yes...No shopping for us. i have one friend who claims i'm personally responsible for her debt. Not only am i an impulse shopper, but i do an incredible lawyer impersonation as well, i can sway anyone. it's scary. i'm better left at home. and you're so right, no clothes shopping whilst in a bad mood. when i've done that i've been reduced to a zombie stumbling through the malls. not a pretty sight.
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        Yes can't quote you, apparently the message is too long!...I think we may have hijacked this thread slightly, and I too am amazed to see no other responses from women with the same problem! I imagined starting a thread about it...but felt it would be too large an issue to tackle, it would be easier and shorter to start a thread "what women don't have this problem".

        I'm impressed with your room fragrancer story, you are clearly on a higher plane, I am inspired!

        Talking of boyf. intervention, my hubby is allowed and is the only person allowed to remove food from me. I am like a goldfish, once I start I can't stop, I'm usually very relieved when he intervenes! However, this is an another entirely new subject, which again I'm sure is a huge female area, bizarre food habits! Perhaps not a good conversation to start, so I shall pose this question instead:

        Are there any women out there have any kind of shopping control????
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          ah yes, the removal of food and bizarre food habbits!... but yes a new subject - one i could talk for hours on, but i won't, i'll spare our male viewers . i have one friend with shopping control and i refuse to shop with her. too boring, too much guilt. i need an enabler with me. someone who doesn't cast a disapproving eye at my many bags and dwindling checking account.

          I think the men who've read this have been frightened. the single guys are probably thinking "AH yes! THIS is why i shall never marry! THIS is why i should just date!" The married ones could very well be checking to make sure their credit cards are still in their wallets. haha.
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            Yes single men beware of the woman with a penchant for your credit card! Sadly being married the credit cards in my life are "ours", and in actual fact as my husband is a student, the wages are all mine and the debt is all his (well the largest part of it due to the fact he is a med student), tell you what he made me laugh the other day with his "I hope I make it to being a Doctor", ..ahahahahahaha!!!! my response being "you better, expletive, expletive, well do!, your not going back to being a teacher when we have this much debt to clear!!!", can you imagine??? our children's, children's, grandchildren would still be paying it off!!

            Anyway, I digress, my shopping related question to you is this: Are you a freak (as I am) when it comes to clothes shopping, do you have to go to every store in the mall before purchasing the item that you first saw within ten minutes of entering, to ensure that you aren't missing out on a better/cheaper/nicer/shinier version elsewhere?
            I love Clinton, and I don't mean Bill.


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              yes! i do that too. i put it on hold - torture myself until i have blisters from walking, continue to look for the same thing that i have on hold, then go back and buy it (and, possibly some new shoes to help with the blisters...somehow i always go in unprepared). i can't NOT shop around. you never know what's around the corner - and, actually, it's a form of exercise, you know? all that walking. at least that's what i tell myself after i've wasted hours in the mall.
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                Re: Who is the Best Drug Store?

                Originally posted by dhall26
                The Best Drug Store?
                my dad. he is a pharmacist and we would get free drugs all the time. He would call a doctor and say hey I need this and this for my son and bang drugs would appear.

                He got me pharmaceutical grade creatine, far better than that other crap, and I used that for 3 years. Gained 80 pounds in three years and had about 10% body fat. It was sweet.
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                You too Cutler.


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                  Instead of just Osco Drug, make it:


                  Used to MGR. for them....dont miss it!
                  Retail sucks! Seasons start 3-6 mos. in advance and are never ending....
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