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    Okay, I misspoke, I'm actually 23, but when someone asked me if I was 21, my mind automatically made the connection to "are you of legal age", which I am, by a couple of years. I actually turn 24 two weeks from tomorrow.


    Since you asked, I'll tell the story. It was a hot August night, anticipation of alcoholic drinks filled the air. I don't remember exactly what time it started...or ended for that matter, but I do remember the following things:

    1. Drinking several shots
    2. Drinking several beers to chase those shots
    3. Running outside and puking at the afterparty
    4. Going back inside and drinking some more (puke & rally!!!)
    5. Feeling the beer munchies come over me
    6. Puking in the Amigos drive-thru
    7. After that...nothing

    The lack of memories really disheartened me, especially since there apparently was some girl hitting on me and I was too drunk to even recognize the fact. I suppose it was a good thing, as I was dating my the girl who is now my wife at the time, and I'm glad I didn't screw that up. All in all, I had a great time, but I also learned my lesson and have never since drank enough beer and liquor to make me puke.