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    Your Avatar, your title , sig, and any qutoes or sayings in your signature space.

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    Avy-anyone who ever watched family guy will know if you havent,watch it
    Sig- top 2 are the yanks chokin 3rd is just a champ one


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      Avy- a horse hoove (or hoof), preferrably that of a bronco, is stepping on Al Davis's face.

      Sig- Because Chad Friehauf is the future!
      Chalmer's Quote- Because i support is fully
      Iraqi Quote- See above
      Superintendent Chalmers: "Thank the Lord"? That sounded like a prayer. A prayer in a public school. God has no place within these walls, just like facts don't have a place within an organized religion."


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        I forgot what was in my sig.

        Avy- I like penguins...

        Sig- I like the Gorillaz song, "Feel Good Inc."
        Sports Garage is my site...


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          My avater is for support for my favorite NFL player, Kurt Warner. The avater is in memoriam of Pat Tillman. (Awaiting one in honor of Mark Fields) The Raider one (I think we all know this one ) The verse of John 3:16 is to show people how much God loved us, that he sent his only son to DIE for us sinners. When he died, he died to clense us from our sins. If you truly believe that, one shall have eternal life!!! (spiritually).
          Ultimate Thread Killer!!!

          Sig above made by me!


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            Mine are expressions of my faith

            God Follower- Taken from a Song By Steven Curtis Chapman, and I follow God

            My Sig pic is of 4 Christian Broncos (Elam has spoken to my church)
            Ask me about My Jesus and how to have a relationship with Him.

            Red Sox Mafia RLF4 Life! Boston 617 Strong!


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              Avatar: It's my signature/trademark/logo.

              Title: Ultimate Broncos Fan (Well, it is what it is, it says I'm the Ultimate Broncos Fan)

              Sig: It shows both Broncos Logos with Blue and Orange Colors with my logo and my title. The Elway one defines Elway as the man and player he was.

              Words in Sig: Sigs by me means that I made the sigs Click here to Join Sports Shrine is there to "advertise" my site. Click here to learn about CPs is so new people can click it and learn about they system and how to give one. And Voted Broncomania's Best Sig Maker, that was something I'm proud of.


              Sig made by me. Click top sig to view my Graphics Portfolio.

              There are three things you can expect in life:

              1. Death
              2. Taxes
              3. The Ball Being Picked Off by Champ Bailey


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                Originally posted by Southstander
                Mine are expressions of my faith

                God Follower- Taken from a Song By Steven Curtis Chapman, and I follow God

                My Sig pic is of 4 Christian Broncos (Elam has spoken to my church)
                I had no idea those players were Christian!!!
                Ultimate Thread Killer!!!

                Sig above made by me!


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                  Oh yeah.

                  Title- Bad to the Bone- George Thoroghgood or whatever

                  My family always says Brad to the bone.


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                    Avatar - Wilson raising arms in reverence to Mount Sneffels; a mountain in SW CO. (due for a change)

                    Title - Couldn't think of anything good initially so my predicament became my title.

                    Sig - Just a faded Bronco logo blending in to the Sneffels Mountain Range. (also due for a change). Countdowns are self explanatory, and I just like that quote from Gerard.

                    Location - Uncompahgria doesn't exist anymore (except as eroded "red bed" sandstones and shales spread throughout CO and the west). It was the southwestern most portion of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains - estimated to have once been centered near my current location.
                    Winter is Coming!


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                      Originally posted by Adrenaline
                      Your Avatar, your title , sig, and any qutoes or sayings in your signature space.

                      Av- Optimus Prime. I used to have an orange and black Broncos logo. Then a KISS photo. Then the Autobots insignia. Someone offered the Optimus prime one, and I liked it better than what I had.

                      title - I was the first moderator, hence the title. That is why I switched to the Autobot insignia in the first place. I though it would be interesting to match it to my avatar.

                      sig -

                      1) image is of Optimus. (done by themilehighguy!) The phrase (Out of The Silent Planet) within the image is a song and an album from King's X. I thought it was appropriate, and also fit with the sci-fi/fantasy theme of the Transformers. Also, it is myfavorite book from author C.S. Lewis, so it has a meaning there too. If you have read the book, you wcan understand how I think it fits.

                      2) "Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm..." Its a line from a Rush song. I liked it because it implies that we all have strive hard to not just accept things as they are or how they have always been. We gotta work hard if we want change. It's anti-apathy, in my interpretation. And I hate apathy.

                      3) The first link is just a link to some CD's I want. Not because I want anyone here to buy them, but I thought it would be ok to share something personal, to give you an idea of my tastes in music. Maybe get a glimpse of my perosnality.

                      4) second link is to the King's X official website. For anyone curious about my numerous references to their music. They are very highly respected among critics and other rock musicians, but not really able to ever have any commercial success. A very cool, and original band that sounds like no one else out there.

                      5) a breakdown of the formula used to figure the QB rating.

                      Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                      The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
                      You should check these guys out


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                        My avy, Renee Herlocker our hot cheerleader

                        My title, "Results May Vary" just is a cool way of saying i think outside the box.

                        My sig, John Lynch!. He makes the hits people still talk about 3 months after.

                        My quote, really sums up to treat your mistakes as opportunites.


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                          My Avatar - Rod Smith, my favorite player
                          Title: Rod has 712 catches
                          Sig - Read about avatar.
                          Quotes - The "Elway stops, loads up.........." was the 850 KOA radio call from Rod Smith's 80 yard TD in Super Bowl XXXIII.

                          The one about America: I found it in my friends AIM profile and thought it was a good analogy, so I put it in here.

                          Links: Madden, because I'm pretty good.

                          Other - I adopted Rod Smith in the Broncomania orphanage deal...
                          My Broncomania Adopt-a-Bronco: Rod Smith

                          Elway stops, loads up, throws deep down the middle of the field and Rod Smith's got it!

                          America is like your team, and if your not gonna root for your team then get the hell outta the stadium.

                          Madden Online Record 109-90 (7-3 L10)


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                            Avy- None

                            Title- Don't know, it sounded cool

                            Sig- Atwater is my hero/favorite player

                            Quotes- My favorite quotes.


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                              Avatar: Young Darth Vader. Because I'm always in a dark mood and prefer that my face not be seen.
                              Title: I live in Atlanta and I'm a Bronco fan.
                              Sig: I'm a fan of the guys who make the offense work. I like seeing WR/TE's getting leveled.