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Your favorite BBQ meal.

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  • Your favorite BBQ meal.

    I'm going to a family reunion in about a week, and my family is in charge of the BBQ. You have any ideas to help out? I was thinking some BBQ chicken, Ribs, Fish,.... what's your favorite, and maybe we'll make it?!?

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    BBQ boneless country style pork ribs, cook them ahead of time in a slow cooker until just about done, then sauce them up and throw them on the grill and dig in. Thanks alot, now my mouth is watering and I'm drooling all over my keyboard.
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      Or you can take some chicken quarters, marinate them for a day or two in an Italian dressing or your favorite marinade and then wrap them in foil with a little extra marinade, throw them on the grill until done. Unwrap them and put back on just long enough to brown up a little and Bon Appetite
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        My three favorites are ribs, hot links, and carne asada (thinly sliced Mexican steak)


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          The following meals would provide a very good barbeque for anyone. I would choose this menu for a barbeque. Here they are:

          Cheeseburgers with onions. Cheeseburgers must be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Onions must also be grilled for a little just to add flavor to it. Buns must be put on the grill just for a while to get the bread a little crunchy. (Lettuce and Tomatoe optional [Not a big fan of lettuce and tomatoe here])

          Hot Dogs with onions. Hot Dogs must have a chared surface. Onions must be chopped and grilled. Buns put on the grill for a little so the bread is a little crunchy. (Sauerkrout optional [Not a big fan of it here])

          Ribs with BBQ Sauce ( ) Ribs must have a chared/crunchy surface while tender enough to fall off the bone. Ribs must also have plenty of sauce on it. Serve with chopped onions for flavor. Provide Wet-Naps.

          *Fries with all of the above if possible

          **Provide a Roll (with butter on the side) or Garlic Bread with all of the above.

          ***Provide Soda, beer (only if you're of the drinking age in your area), water, or lemonade (pink or normal) with all of the above.

          ****Provide Ketchup and Mustard on the side.

          Sides: Potato Groutons, Mashed Potatoes (w/ Gravy on the side), Vegetables, Salad (w/ a choice of dressing on the side), Baked Ziti (Optional), and Yellow Rice.

          Note: This is combining all the stuff that I liked from Barbeques that I've been to.
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            I have to go with chicken. It is the best.


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                Home cooked its always gotta be steak, out to eat its gotta be the Whiskey River Ranch buffalo burger from ruby tuesdays.


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                  On the grill, I find the following work really well:

                  Scallops: just brush with some oil, do em 3 minutes a side, and that's it. You can even wrap them in bacon

                  Shrimp: In a skewer or right on the grill...again, not more than 2 or 3 minutes tops.

                  Chicken: Any part will do. Breast and drumsticks are easiest and most popular.




                  FANCY STUFF:

                  Grilled pork loin: Takes longer (25 minutes to grill, an hour if done true BBQ style with indirect heat), but hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm juicy and can be brushed or seasoned with any type of flavoring, BBQ sauce, BBQ dry rub, mustard, honey, you name it.

                  Grilled leg of lamb: The beauty of lamb is that is has to be eaten kind of rare. If it's well done, it is too tough. So, you don't have to worry about it being red or pink. Plenty of recipies for this on the internet.

                  Ahi tuna steaks: Sear each side for 2-3 minutes on as high heat as possible. Should be just barely cooked in the middle. Good for non red meat eaters or those watching their cholesterol

                  Shark steaks: Somewhat more difficult, but worth the reward if done properly.

                  Corn on the cob. Yep. You can throw them right on the grill if prepped properly. Get the freshest you can find. Go to a farm market or pick it yourself if possible. Fantastic!

                  Pretty much all squashes, asparagus, onions, and potatoes can be grilled for veggies.

                  Peaches, pineapple and mango are fruits that work well.

                  Have fun.

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                    I like the BBQ with lots of Beer

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                      beef, steak, MY GOD, you people disgust me

                      look, BBQ slow cooked pulled pork shoulder. you dont ever BBQ beef. Cows are for grilling. Pork though, pork and barbecue sauce go together perfectly.

                      Have some pulled pork shoulder with plenty of barbecue sauce (avoid the vinegar based stuff. KC Masterpiece is a little sweet, but it might do the trick. What you really need to do is order Corky's barbecue sauce, or even meat and sauce online, but thats probably too much effort. I would go with KC Masterpiece) sandwiches (meat, sauce, and hamburger buns). Obviously, ribs are a must. I would go with a dry rub too (or order Corky's. They can FedEx you as much of any of their stuff as you want. Im telling you, they are the BEST barbecue restaraunt in the world, and when you order their food online, its just as good). Whatever you do, pulled pork and ribs. Good stuff. Some baked beans too.
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                        Originally posted by chickennob2
                        beef, steak, MY GOD, you people disgust me

                        look, BBQ slow cooked pulled pork shoulder. you dont ever BBQ beef. Cows are for grilling..


                        Slow cooked beef brisket is awesome.

                        Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

                        The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
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                          dam i would b a big BBQ if i my family wasnt so orthdox jewish, and everyone around didnt only serve the non kosher stuff ( i dont blame em, its pretty bad if u ask me)


                          you cant beat a falafel


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                            BBQ Pork im gonna have to say

                            TO PORK!!!!