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  • Tell us about your family

    My parents were divorced when I was a wee pretty much grew up with my mom.
    She worked her ass off, providing for the both of us, WITHOUT any help from 'him'.
    I had my last name changed (as did my mom) to her maiden name, as I felt nothing but disdain for 'him'.
    I was his first and only kid. He was enlisted in the air force at the time. They were only married for like a year/half.
    He then moved back home to be with his mommy, and ended up being given an insurance firm from his step-dad.
    He ended up marrying/divorcing 6 more times.....and had a massive heart attack at 52.

    My mom never remarried.....having fell in love with a guy that never came back from vietnam. She's prolly only dated 4-5 guys since.
    She's only a year & a half from retirement, and can't wait.

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    Hmm, lets see here.

    My dad is full blooded Portuguesse(SP?) and just got a new job as a cop.

    My mom, is a good cook, and works for a title company.

    My brother is 18, and is moving up to Fort Collins in 4 days to play football with Colorado State. He won Defensive MVP in high school, and took 4th place in state for 5A shot put.

    My sister, well, I don't really like her, but she is 8 (i think).

    My dog, his name is Rocky, and he is a Bichon Frise. He is a weird dog, with really good hops. My family thinks that he is half Bichon Frise, half Kangaroo.


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      My family........

      Locally, there is me, and my wife. We are both retired. I'm 41, she's 45. We have two kids, a girl 16, and a boy 9. Been married 17 years in just a few weeks here.

      There's also a cousin of mine here. She is my dad's sister's daughter. Her and her husband live near Cherry Creek Res. They have two sons, 18, and 15. He works in the oil industry, and she sells high priced ladies shoes.

      My sister moved to California with her second husband. They adopted a little girl, and live on 20 acres near Michael Jackson's whacko-land.

      And that leave my parents. My Father and Mother also moved to California. Palm Springs. They moved there a while back, but retained their home here for a while. They also have a place in Aspen, where they live for the summer.

      In theyre 80's now, she has always been a houswife and a terrible cook. (shhh) He still cant keep his fingers out of real estate and politics.

      Dad has always bled blue and orange. A life long Bronco fan since the very beginning. He's the one who got me started. I can always count on him to call me during an away game right after something goes wrong to yell at ME about it! Like I can do anything about it!

      I stopped taking my cell phone to home games after TD went down in 99.


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        My parents are still together, although they been through some conflicts with each other, my dad married once before my mother, and had one son, who now has moved out here, and im cool with.
        2 bros, and 2 sisters, my sisters 13 and 2, my brothers 24 and 6
        my dad used to live in cali with my mom (where they met), and moved out here for business, and got a nice fat raise and promotion to President of a construction company along the east coast
        not really many flaws, live in a quiet neighborhood, yeah pretty boring..


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          Parents are divorced. Have 2 brothers and one sister and last but not least our dog.

          Mom is a very hard working lady and works at a insurance agency. She is a daughter of 8. She was in the Navy and did communacations.

          Dad is a manager at Bakers sq. Played Catholic football and semi pro(middle linebacker). Went to Vietnam. Was gunner on patrol boats.

          My sister has a husband and 2 kids. Played soccer and basketball. She now works at a bank.

          My brother has a wife and 1 kid. He had another one but my neice died prematurely. He played Football just like my pops(DE and OT).Now works for a tile company.

          My other brother. He is going into 6th grade. He plays football and basketball. Loves to be outside and getting dirty.

          We have one dog named Eli he is a yellow lab. Best guard dog but also acts like a teddy bear.
          Darrent Williams #27 R.I.P


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            Mom had my brother out of wed-lock when she was 19...not quite 21 when she had me...she married my biological father, my brother has a different father...
            Mom and dad got a divorce when I was like 2...
            Dad served in Vietnam and is legally insane, not because of the war though...I guess when he was a very young lad he watched his father kill his mother...The judge ordered that he and I have ZERO contact while I was young...I have probably seen him maybe 10 times in my whole life...I have no feelings for him more than I do for the next human being...I don't hate him, it's not his fault that he's Paranoid Schizophrenic...I just don't know him and his problems are too much for my wife and kids to be subject to...
            I give him pictures of my sons every now and then when I see him...he met them 2 Decembers ago...I brought them out to Utica, where I believe he still is and we all had Dinner...He was entering rehab and had absolutely nothing but the clothing on his back...I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way and bought him a new pair of jeans and a pack of T-shirts, new underclothes and socks...even bought him a pair of shoes...but he appreciated the carton of cigarettes the most... I have not spoke with him since...
            My brother is 1 year and 7 months older than I am...he is a crumudgeon...a hermit...Nathan is a NYS corrections officer....he collects guns and loves computers...
            The only Grandparent who is still living of mine is my Maternal grandmother...she is the kindest human being that I have ever known...she is 83 years old and has survived congestive heart failure and hip replacement this day the woman walks around, talks and functions just like every other sweet old lady...
            My wife is 28 and a micro-version of her F-ing mother...she works at the you may know, we have a love/hate relationship...
            My oldest son is 6 and his name is Ethan...He's a great kid...very compassionate and expressive...a tall one...I call him Bones for a nickname...
            My younger son is 3 and his name is Isaac...He's mini-me...That kid can do anything he wants to, and if you get in his way he will trample you...I forsee a little friction in our future...

            We have a dog named Piglet...I didn't want the dog, but she knows who the boss is...she's a good girl, she goes potty outside and in exchange, I allow her to remain alive...
            I've walked these streets, a loaded six-string on my back, I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back, I've been everywhere still I'm standin' tall, I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all!!:salute!:


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              There is my dad, Danny Vern K***, he is going to be 45 August 20th, he was a marine mechanic for almost 20 years, worked on many of the boats you see on that one show, forget what its called, but about the fishing boats in the Bering Sea, and around Dutch Harbor and Unalaska, Booher and a couple others were talking about it..But anyways, he worked on those boats, nearly died I think like 4 times, and he would be gone for months at a time, it sucked..So then he couldnt stand being away from us anymore, and he was getting really really bad tennis elbow in both elbows, and so he moved to the front office of NC Machinery, where hes always worked, and now he sells and buys engine parts for the boats out there, and he ships them off, and such..He was born in Denver, and moved to Alaska where he met my mother..

              My mom. Rachel Ann K***, turned 42 this past February, and I love her to death..She has worked for the school district for the past I believe 8 years as a teachers aid and a secretary, or something, I dont really know..LOL..She was born in Indiana, moved to San Francisco, then moved to Anchorage, where she met my dad, and they had my sister..They have been married now for 18 years..

              My sister, Lindsay Renee K***, is 17 years old, and is going to be a senior in high school..She can be a real ***** sometimes, but other than that we are pretty cool with each other..Not to mention she is one of the most popular girls in school, meaning she has some of the hottest girls in the school as best friends..Talk about some good sleepovers!!! LOL..

              My brother, Kevin Tyler K***, is almost 11 years old, and will be in 6th grade this year..He is the most annoying kid ever..But I feel really bad for him..Cause he wants to soo badly be just like me, and trys to do everything just like me..And wants to play football, and he wants to wrestle, but he is unable because he has Spina-Bifada..Its not severe, but its bad enough to where he cant play any contact sports or he could get seriously hurt..

              And I got all my other family here, both grandmas and granpas, all my aunts and uncles, except for my uncle Monte and Aunt Nikki, which they live in Seattle..


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                My Mom and Dad are still together after 40-something years.

                I have three older brothers (yes, my Mom had 4 boys and lived to tell about it - lol). Two of them live in Pennsylvania and the other one lives in CA near me. They're all married with kids.

                I was married, but recently got divorced. I have one son (just turned 5) who lives with me a little less than 50% of the time. The dog, who I consider a part of the family, is a 14-year-old beagle who the ex somehow managed to get in the divorce so I only see her when I go pick up my son or when my ex goes out of town


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                  My Mom is a very hard worker but had injuries alot. She has had about 15 surgeries in the past 7 years. She puts up with a lot of crap and pain. I love her to death.

                  My Sister is going to be a Freshman in College. She had never worked for anything in her entire life. Her whole life has came on a silver platter. She is dating the quarterback of the High School.

                  My lil Sister is going to be 8 in September and is going into the 2nd grade. She is a brat and thrives for attention.