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    Originally posted by Sam24
    I was at the DMV standing in line for like 1 1/2 hour when I noticed this really pretty face staring me down from across the room. I felt a lil bit embarressed because I was still in my work clothes and all dirty.
    Anyway I figured it was nothing and just continued with my business, well after checking in for my licence renewal, I turned to find a seat when I heard someone say right here, under their breath!
    It was her and when I looked at her, her face turned red with embarressment, but being that she was so fine I couldnt do anything just but walk away and sit a few seats down, feeling nervous like a 14 year old boy at the home coming dance.
    Anyway she walked up to the counter in front of where I was sitting to check her status on what ever it was that she was there for, and I noticed that everytime she'd laugh at what the clerk was saying she'd turn look over at me with a smile. I was called up to have my picture taken, and she stared me in the face the whole time causing me to laugh in the middle of the take and mess up the picture.
    Well after I was done, I figured Id wait around and talk to her after she was done, b/c I now knew she was now seriously interested by the way she kept looking at me, but that place was just so conjected and loaded down with people I had to get out.
    I went outside waited a few more minutes then figured aw hell Im just gonna leave, I drove my car around the long side of the parking lot to get to the stop lights, sat for another 2 minutes waiting for the light to change, I pulled across the street when someone behind me was honking and waving for me to pull over, me I didnt want no part of it so I just continued driving, well this person went around me and cut me off forcing me to stop.
    Mad as hell I got up out of my car when this same lil girl from the DMV got out of her car, came up and gave me the third degree about leaving and not even asking her for a name!
    To make a long story short, ( too late) I have a date this friday night with a 5/8 brown eyed, brown haired beauty! And I must admitt she ranks right up there with Renee!

    Hmm, unusually aggressive for a woman.

    Especially if she's hot.

    They typically don't have to do anything at all.

    But she pulled you over?


    I'd be carefull if I were you.


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      I thought about that too, but in the midst of it all, I was too busy loving it!
      Im sure it sucks to have an aggressive fatal attraction, but come on every guy wishes atleast once in his life that a fine lady like Beyonce or should I say Renee Herlocker would stock them!
      lol Im in hogg heaven for the moment and just wanna see where this takes me, hopefully somewhere good. Anyway thanks for the thought Benny.