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    Two black cats (no, i'm not a witch - if i was the broncos would be playing this weekend): one named Caly (short for the plant she ate whenever my back was turned) and the other named Onyx (uncreative old rommate named her). Caly is hyper and insists on sitting on anything she shoudn't (fridge, microwave, television...) and sleeps on my head. The other is fat and lazy and never leaves the couch (my boyfriend loves her, as they have the same idea of how life should be spent). I wish i could have a dog but we live in an apartment, and i'd want a BIG until we get a house i have to get my dog fix at my parents' houses: two labs, a weimaraner, a lab/shepard mix and a lab/chow/great dane mix (the last one is the DUMBEST dog i've ever met, huge and dumb, but you gotta love him). I do love my cats, but you sadly you can't wrestle with them the way you can the dogs... at least you SHOULDN'T wrestle with them the same way, though my boyfriend tries.
    Orange/Blue Girl in L.A.