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    I'm a pretty bad case of OCD
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      I have Left-Field Loopiness. I'll wander out of left field and make some kind of off the wall remark before heading back to tend the dandelions. Self-diagnosed but my wife and others concur with the diagnosis.

      Seriously, mental illness is probably a bigger problem than most people think. A little prozac helps my dad stay well adjusted but I don't need it for a happy life (nor do I want anything to unnecessarily alter my normal functioning.)

      Fortunately, neuro-psychology is doing a very good job of discovering ways to force the brain into functioning properly when it refuses to do so on it's own. Additionally, it's not so much a stigma to be diagnosed with a mental illness than it was in the past.


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        I don't consider myself to have any mental illnesses, but at times I can be very anal retentive and have a slight case of OCD.

        My desk at work is ALWAYS perfectly organized and I can really over think certain things. When my girlfriend and I are fighting I can't seem to go one minute without thinking of it.

        I get slight cases of depression now and then too. I'll get to missing my childhood or just think that things in my life aren't how they should be. Usually that doesn't last long though and I realize I am one of the lucky people in this world with good health, a loving family, and a wonderful girlfriend.

        Overall, I guess I'm pretty sane
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          Just like being organized

          I think these slight cases of OCD are being confused with being very organized in life and work. I too am extremely organized to the point that if somebody puts something back and it's out of place, I can only go so long before I have to move it back the way it was. Or if someone drops something on the ground and doesn't pick it up right away, I can't go very long before I need to bend down and pick it up for them. I don't consider that a disorder or disease but rather a desire to have everyhting in it's place and looking neat, clean, etc. In my opnion, I fit in with millions of people who thrive on living in a constant state of order and organization, nothing wrong with that, unless you live with someone who is totally opposite and then I feel for you because that can be hell.


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            I believe NameUsedBefore mentioned this. I can have entire conversations between myself and that little voice in my head. I hear the voice call me stupid when I make mistakes. I call the voice stupid when it suggests something I quickly prove wrong. There is a clear difference between me just thinking and me thinking through the voice.

            I am also very, very superstitious. Not in any of the 'established' superstitions about black cats and ladders, but in ones that I invent. If I have a good day while wearing or carrying something, that item almost becomes magical in my mind- it can cause good fortune whenever I have it on me. On the other end, however, if something bad happens every time I have a certain song stuck in my head, the song becomes evil and I attempt to banish it from my mind whenever it arises.

            Another strange thing about my mind is how it forces strict time schedules from the time I wake up to the time I am in class. By 5:51 I have to be awake, eating breakfast at 6:21, and out the door at exactly 6:34. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

            Do I have a mental disorder? I don't think so. Am I insane? Decide for yourself.
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              Originally posted by FanFromMichigan
              Do I have a mental disorder? I don't think so. Am I insane? Decide for yourself.
              I dont think that is nearly enough info to claim if you do or not.

              but I have full conversations with myself also. for example, I have been thinking about going to a doctor to talk to him about my "problems with living" (as they call it in my abnormal psychology class). Of course since I think I have anxiety disorder, I am worried about going to the doctor and talking to him about it, so instead, I have been having the conversation with the doctor in my head everyday for about the last month. It is more or less the same conversation... I tell him my thing and he replies and I tell him something else and he replies.

              Dont get my wrong, I dont actually hear this voice, as I hear normal voices, but I think of what he would say and so on.

              I am not sure if that is what you do, or if you actually hear a voice, as you would hear you radio or something. if that is the case, it is something to be concerned about. but if it is you just chronically thinking, that isnt so bad.

              The time issue seems like OCD or anxiety, it depends on why you do it. Do you think something bad will happen if you are late? Do you get extremely nervous? if so that sounds like anxiety.


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                i've been told i'm a bit narcissistic, but if you had great hair like i do, you would be too.

                more seriously, my brother has been diagnosed as an acute paranoid schitzophrenic with agoraphobic tendancies and a possible personality disorder. quite the mouthful.
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