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Teens, Guns, and Jail.

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  • Teens, Guns, and Jail.

    Hey everyone, hows it been? I've been doing good in school and basketball season so I'm pretty excited.

    Today I have an issue that I want to hear what many of you think. It comes right from my basketball team.

    A player, who I won't mention his name, came to my school with 9mm ammunition and a "Rambo" knife. They looked in his car and found 100 more rounds but no gun. This guy, I've known througout middle school to now. I couldn't believe what I saw as the cops took him away. I always thought this guy wouldn't hurt a fly, and was a good damn player on the team.

    My school has never been this bad. Not since my sister went, or myself. It has always been tops in my area. Now that a friend of mine did this, It got me thinking "What was he going to do? Why did he do this?"

    Is it because teens are different from back in the day, that they think they are god? Problems? He was mad?

    I can't figure it out. He's going to jail now, for a short time I believe. He won't be back, or on the team.......

    What the hell is up with teens today? I'm a teen, and a lot of people on the boards are teens. I'm sure a lot of us don't act this stupid, but what is up? T.v? Parents? (Yes snk..... you can count yourself as a teen now also ).


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    Originally posted by B4Bronco16
    What the hell is up with teens today? I'm a teen, and a lot of people on the boards are teens. I'm sure a lot of us don't act this stupid, but what is up? T.v? Parents?
    i'm going with, in no particular order; parents, parents and parents. but as to this specifically, he had ammo but no gun and a knife in his car. it is possible that he just does a lot of target practicing and didn't take the ammo out of his car? i mean, if he didn't have a gun, unless he was planning on throwing the ammo at people, there really wasn't a danger. and plenty of middle schoolers had big knives back when i was in middle school and never had plans to kill their classmates.
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      Somebody at my school got tagged for the same crap. He had some shotgun shells in his truck and he got in big trouble. I knew the guy and why they were in there (he was target practicing and it was hunting season).

      So before you jump to conclusions about your friend and your school you should ask him what the real deal is. It's logical that he wasn't gonna do anything considering the bullets and the knife were in the car, and there was no actual pistol on hand.

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        Where'd he get the gun from?

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          Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN
          Where'd he get the gun from?

          THERE WAS NO GUN....

          read what he posted next time.

          Im 13....and in 8th grade. there are already people smoking. I think it is parents...what happens in your house effects your life.


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            Parents, movies, Tv.....honestly though, it's the person's choice, they can stop themselves



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              I blame the system.

              High School is a very tough time for students. The pressures from the councelors and teachers. Then from their parents as well. It just adds up on a person. It is a very trying time for people. Physically and psychologically. Psychologically moreso.
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